JenLovesPets’ First PetSaver Course In Rancho Penasquitos A Success

The PetSaver Course includes Pet CPR, Dental, Senior Petizen Care, Bleeding Protocols, Muzzling, Restraining, First Aid, etc. So much information to learn and yet we had fun, a lot of laughter and learning. Brezzi my Labrador assisted in some of the demonstrations like muzzling, pulse, and Snout – To – Tail Assessment. She was very patient and obedient except towards the end of the class. She looked at me like “Are we done yet?” But you definitely could tell she enjoyed everyone… or the treats.

The course is lengthy but the hands on skills, team work, student participation and networking helps the time go quickly and assists in knowledge retention.

All of the participants had previous knowledge of pet care and most had  knowledge in First aid and CPR in humans. Even with a background of so much knowledge everyone found the CPR skill most useful.

A certificate was presented to each student at the end of the course along with a short quiz and Course Evaluation. The following items were listed as Most Valued:

  • Pet First Aid
  • Pet CPR
  • Snout – To – Tail Assessment
  • Muzzling
  • Rescue Breathing

I want to Thank And Congratulate the Graduates:

Kathryn,Laura, Kate, Barbara, Charlotte

And give a huge Thank you to:

Dishion’s Photography, Brezzi, Demo Dog





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