Rattlesnake Anti-Venom Carrier Vet List

The Rattlesnake Anti-Venom is very expensive so a lot of the vets don’t carry it. About half of the vets in JenLovesPets Dog Walking and Pet Sitting service area actually carry and/or know of the closest vet that does.

Make sure you know ahead of the time who carries it so you’re not making calls and driving around town looking for someone to save your pets life. Make it a part of your Pet Emergency Plan. If you do a lot of hiking and/or live in a rattlesnake red zone and your current vet does not carry the anti-venom,  program the closest vet’s phone number that does carry it in your cell phone under Rattlesnake Anti-Venom so you aren’t trying to remember the name of the vet during an emergency.

Every Vet Office I called to confirm they carry the Rattlesnake Anti-Venom said the most important advice they could give was “Get to the vet immediately for any swelling that could be a snake bite. It’s life or death” And this could pose a problem if your vet doesn’t carry it and it’s a Sunday and most vet offices are closed. (So know which office and their hours) The second most important advice they give is to CALL AHEAD OF TIME, while you are on your way. This enables the staff to prepare for you as you make in to the office.

Currently JenLovesPets Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service Areas include: Rancho Penasquitos, Carmel Valley, Santaluz, DelSur, 4S Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa and the surrounding areas. So I wanted to have a list of veterinarians and pet emergency hospitals in our area that do carry the anti-venom. Below is the list, it may not be complete, so please if your vet or you know of a vet in this area that does carry the anti-venom let me know and I’ll add it. Also, as you update your Pet Emergency Plan make sure you call and confirm the vet still carries the anti-venom. Offices change policies and procedures from time to time so you want to stay on top of it.

Rancho Penasquitos:

A Black Mountain Pet Clinic

Address: 13161 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92129

Phone: 858-484-5000

Pet Hospital of Penasquitos

Address: 9888 Carmel Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92129

Phone: 858-484-3490


Carmel Valley:

VCA Pacific Petcare Animal Hospital

Address: 12720 Carmel Country Rd, San Diego, CA 92130



4S Ranch:

4 Paws Animal Hospital

Address: 16625 Dove Canyon Rd #106, San Diego, CA 92127

Phone: 858-487-7297

Rancho Bernardo:

VCA West Bernardo Animal Hospital

Address: 11605 Duenda Rd, San Diego, CA 92127


Companion Care Veterinary Hospital

Address: 16588 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92128



Carmel Mountain:

Carmel Mountain Ranch Veterinary Hospital

Address: 11925 Carmel Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92128

Phone: 858-592-9779



Midland Animal Clinic

Address: 14155 Midland Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Phone: 858-748-4412


Animal Emergency Clinic

Address: 12775 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Phone: 858-748-7387


Town and Country Veterinary Hospital

Address: 13265 Midland Rd #180, Poway, CA 92064

Phone: 858-486-4800


Poway Animal Hospital

Address: 12219 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Phone: 858-748-3326


Scripps Ranch:

Scripps Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Address: 10755-L Scripps Poway Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92131

Phone: 858-695-9996


Mira Mesa:

Paradise Veterinary Hospital

Address: 9396 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126

Phone: 858-271-5515




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