Caring For A Sick Pet At Home ~ The Roller Coaster of Emotions, Decisions, And Everything In Between

The days are long, the nights are longer, your thoughts are jumbled because of the actions and decisions that are staring you in your face. What do Ido? What can I do? What are my options? Will I do the right thing?

I’ve spent many a long night with mine or a client’s sick dog and the emotions and doubt bring me to the most insecure place I’ve ever been. It doesn’t matter if you view them as just a dog or a family member, when they’re sick your world stops. But it can’t just stop for a dog, my real kid~ yes, but a dog? I’ll say it again, “It doesn’t matter if you view them as just a dog or a family member, when they’re sick your world stops” or atleast it feels like it does. Our emotions get so discombobulated and go from up to down with their status that we become fatigued with guilt, turmoil, doubt, and fear that we may paralyze ourselves and our decisions. This, I know, from experience.

The basics of Sick Dog Pet Care: The American Humane Association gives great advice regarding suttle changes in your pets behavior and appearance that could indicate illness. It also states: “Keep in mind that animals will generally attempt to mask signs of illness. This behavior is a natural instinct that is used for protection in the wild, where any animal showing signs of weakness is likely to be shunned by its own kind or attacked by predators.”

The Organic Pet Digest says “Before considering whether or not you should care for your sick dog at home, it is important to consider whether or not your family situation will allow it. In other words, does your family have the time to provide adequate care for your dog?” Click on the link to read, and let me remind you, Your pet sitter can help out. In fact, they’ll absolutely EXPECT you to allow her/him to help!

eHow gives some decent info regarding vitals as you monitor your dog at home and states: “The key to caring for a sick dog is to get a diagnosis from a veterinarian as soon as possible; it’s impossible to effectively treat and care for a sick dog without a diagnosis. And unfortunately, some owners may postpone a visit to the veterinarian only to find that their dog gets even sicker. So while these tips will help dog owners to care for a sick dog, these steps are not a substitute for a visit to the veterinarian.”

As a pet sitter and pet owner I understand the emotional aspect of a dog illness and trying to figure out the best route to go when it comes to treatment and tests. We battle with funding and whats the right thing to do. As an intuitive woman I say go with your gut, and trust yourself. As a pet sitter I say listen to your vet and follow the instructions. As a Dog Momma I say: Listen to your vet, discuss your options with the rest of your family, remember you have a support group whether its extended family, friends, or pet sitter, and be assured you are doing the right thing for you and your family ~ NOT what everyone else thinks you should do.  

No matter the situation and how awful it is, many find comfort in prayer, holistic healing like Reiki and Acupuncture and no matter what route you choose it’s the right one…for you and your family.




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