A Cat & Her Water Bowl

My almost 13 year old Maine Coon kitty; Angel has always been finicky about her water. For years she would only drink out of the faucet, it was a constant fight over the sink while I was brushing my teeth. As the years went by she stopped and drank out of her water bowl like a normal kitty is suppose too. I now know why…keep reading to find out.

Until recently. She can’t jump on the sink anymore so every time I would get out of the shower she’d rush to the tub and lap up the leftover water. I cringe just thinking of it. Concerned because of her cancer, afraid her kidneys are failing I called the vet and asked for an early CBC (we’re drawing blood quarterly)  I was totally shocked when she called and said everything’s normal, well her normal. Then it hit me. My son moved her water bowl next to her food.

It seems logical to have the water bowl next to the food bowl and if you’re like me wanting to keep the kitty room tidy and close you may have placed the litter box in the same area. A cat’s logic is based off instinct, yes a domestic cat will most likely drink near her food but instinct from their ancient genes, the wild days, may kick in. A wild cat never drinks near the area they killed their prey because the water may be contaminated.

So I guess Angel’s wild instincts are playing a part in this new behavior, so tonight I move her water bowl back to the previous spot. It’s also suggested to have a few bowls placed in convenient easy to access areas, especially if you have multiple kitties.

As a pet sitter this is good tip I need to remember!! Where is your cat’s water bowl? Do your kitties have water quirks?




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