Dog Friendly Places of Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego

My husband “kidnapped” me right after he proposed to me in 2007 and brought my son and I to San Diego from Houston. While I was semi-willing to go anywhere he was I reserved the right to choose what area we lived in. During an online search and investigation I found Rancho Penasquitos. Everything about PQ seemed perfect for our family and it was in the Poway School District with an address of San Diego, CA …. ya I’m odd, if I was moving from Houston to San Diego I wanted the SD, CA address!!

Looking back 7 years I can’t believe how life has evolved, I’m the owner Rancho Penasquitos’ premier pet sitting company…my son will graduate Mount Carmel High this June and oh my goodness I have four dogs and a cat. When we adopted our chocolate lab Brezzi I was still working in the corporate world and because of our family’s long weekly hours away we took Brezzi with us everywhere and I was constantly looking for dog friendly spots.

Being in San Diego, Rancho Penasquitos’ weather is almost perfect year round creating a need for outside dining. Most of my favorite Dog Friendly spots are in the shopping malls: Plaza Rancho Penasquitos and Rancho Penasqutios Towne Center. The Deli Stop, for a family friendly sports deli has a nice area outside to eat and if you want to be waited on then Café 56 or Wonderful Sushi also has a seating area outside. For coffee, there are two Starbucks one in the Rancho Penasquitos Towne Center (major dog friendly spot!) and one on Rancho Penasquitos Blvd (has a drive thru that offers Pupaccionos, boy do the dogs go nuts over them!) There’s also Bad Ass Coffee in the Plaza Rancho Penasquitos that has a beautiful patio attached…and offers treats for the dogs that come thru the drive thru.

When we first moved here we lived in the most quaint, wonderful, family oriented pet friendly apartments. A Hidden Gem, The Hills Apartments, located at the end of Penasquitos Drive. I have quiet a few clients in the Cresta Bella and Milazzo Apartment community as well, all pet friendly offering doggie areas and poop bags.

As far as shopping goes, other than the obvious grocery and food establishments most all of the stores are dog friendly or at the very least tolerant. Of course the pet store Kahoots is pet friendly, and in the neighboring community Carmel Mountain Home Depot is a great spot that loves to see dogs accompanying their shoppers.

Rancho Penasquitos has so many parks, I remember our first one with Brezzi, Rolling Hills at the end of Penasquitos Blvd and I always took her to Hilltop. But then, thanks to my Googling I found the Rancho Penasquitos Dog Park across from the YMCA, Library, and Police Station (Next to the Fire Station). JACKPOT! With two separate areas one for small and one for larger dogs this is the perfect spot socialization and play. Not to take the place of exercise though!  PQ is such a dog friendly walking community. Lights hills, tons of sidewalks, and friendly people. There’s also the Los Penasquitos Canyon that has a creek, waterfalls, horses (Brezzi loves them!) and mile after mile after mile of hill free trails. For the good hike we like Black Mountain, and enjoy the multiple hiking trails it offers.

You know your community is pet friendly when you have a vet on every block! LOL! Rancho Penasquitos has so many vets, really good vets. The vet that I swear saved us with Brezzi is A Black Mountain Pet Clinic in Rancho Penasquitos Towne Center, but there are other awesome clinics that it’s so hard to pick your favorite. There’s Penasquitos Pet Clinic off Carmel Mountain Rd and Pet Hospital of Penasquitos as well.

Our go to groomer for Hobo our little white foo foo dog is Because We Care Grooming in the Plaza Rancho Penasquitos off of Carmel Mountain. I’ve come to love those ladies!

7 years ago I chose PQ, today Rancho Penasquitos is home and everything about this dog friendly community keeps my heart….and my dogs’ hearts.

Live in PQ? What’s your favorite dog friendly spot? Don’t live here? Where’s your dog friendly community?




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