Rancho Penasquitos Pet Sitter on Puppy Chewing, Teething, & Training

A VIP client called me and told me she’s getting a puppy for Dexter, her corgi mix. Well for her and Dexter. Charlotte, JenLovesPets’ Lead Pet Care Specialist and I went to meet Layla, a 3 month precious puppy so we can go over details for puppy walks during the week.

Yep, Charlotte and I were instantly googoo. I mean look at that face!

Included in the puppy care walks is uninterrupted puppy training, this includes chewing on our hangs, feet, clothing, hair, etc. It’s a little difficult on our part because we’re just so in love and may not notice Layla actually using our hands as teethers….until her baby teeth sink in. And anyone who’s been around a puppy for more than 5 minutes knows what I’m talking about.

Snapped back to professional mode, “Ah,Ah!” and we grab a toy and offer it to Layla. It’s important to stay on top of the chewing on our limbs and clothing from the very beginning, these adorable harmless puppies quickly turn into big not so adorable and destructive dogs if not.

Puppies teeth just like human babies, making them want to sink their teeth into anything near them, including our hands, feet, etc. Our job is to teach them what is acceptable to chew and what isn’t. Here are a few steps to take that are helpful in guiding our furbabies into being well behaved pups:

1. Stay consistent in training

2. When they try to nibble on your hand use “AH,AH!” or “Ouch!” to let them know they’re hurting you and stop playing with them. Don’t look at her. She’ll learn: bite, no more play.

3. Keep lots of things around for them to chew on. Teethers, even store appropriate ones in the freezer for periodic use to help calm the painful gums, chew toys, etc. Rotate them so he doesn’t get bored.

4. Combine suggestion 2 with offering an appropriate toy to chew on after the “ouch” to help puppy understand what is acceptable to chew on.

5. Remember whatever you allow now is what puppy learns is acceptable at 100 pounds..or so. It’s your job to TEACH them what is acceptable from day one.

6. While you’re at work, hire a professional pet sitter that offers puppy care and includes basic puppy training. This is important for all around puppy manners.

To come full circle, you can read and even hire a trainer on puppy manners but the number 1 thing to remember is stay consistent, and patient. Your loving care and training will be well worth it. Of course there are always exceptions. Rarely a puppy can be aggressive by nature. If you’re worried you have more than just a typical rambunctious puppy on your hands hire a Positive Pet Trainer like Linda Michaels MA a Victoria Stilwell Dog Trainer; http://www.dogpsychologistoncall.com/ to help you. And if you need a Positive Pet Professional of San Diego Pet Sitter then JenLovesPets is your go to dog walker and sitter.



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