JenLovesPets Sponsored Fundraiser for Allysa Joblin’s Scoliosis Treatment

A friend of mine, Valarie posted on Facebook awhile ago that Allysa has Scoliosis. But no one thought it would progress so quickly. In the meantime I was diagnosed with a slight form of Scoliosis that has me in tears at times making wonder how Allysa can have such a beautiful smile and keep on truckin.

Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. Your spine is your backbone. It runs straight down your back. Everyone’s spine naturally curves a tiny bit. But people with scoliosis have a spine that curves too much. The spine might look like the letter “C” or “S.”

After a recent XRay Alyssa’s doctor suggested the surgery that was scheduled for next year be moved up to next month. They can’t wait, her curve is at 65% and causing a lot of pain, difficult in breathing, etc.

Insurance of course won’t pay for all of it and her Mom (my friend) Valarie is taking a lot of time of work to care for Allysa before, during, and after surgery. There is a FundMe account set up to raise $5000 and so far, since this blog was created they have $235. Not near enough.

Allysa’s blood screen is next week, pre op on September 9th, surgery on September 18th. But it doesn’t stop there. It will take months of recovery. Valarie will be out of work for awhile to care for her baby.

I was a single Mom for most of my son’s life and can’t imagine what we would have done with the same circumstanses. I admire Valarie and Allysa’s courage, strenght, and get er done attitude. I wish I was in Houston to help more, so please help me help them.


What you donate (up to $50 per person – not furclient) you can deduct from a JenLovesPets’ service. All I need is an email or paper copy of the reciept.

From now to September 30, 2014. Please DONATE and show me a copy and we’ll deduct $50 per person. If you have 3 family members that donated and they give you the reciepts for one furclient then so be it =)

*****Please add in comments of the donation “A Valued Member of the JenLovesPets Family before your name”


I also would like to add a list of items they are needed for an event coming up. If you are able to donate these and can get them to Houston, TX please do so. To see the list of items, click the photo to the right or visit her Facebook page.




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