“You’re the Best Pet Sitter, How can I Thank You?” ~ A Pet Sitter’s Response

JenLovesPets has clocked in over 20,000 hours of pet sitting and dog walking in San Diego with over 100 2legged clients and    countless 4legged ones. I’ve enjoyed taking care of my furnieces and nephews and consider this a Thankful Job unlike the business world which can be Thankless. So when a client says “You’re the Best, thank you!” it only adds to the positive vibe I get from the furkids. I will say petsitters are often thanked more than a typical career…such a relief! However, I hear quite a bit

from my clients “What can I do to thank you?” “What can I do to show my appreciation?” This always makes me freeze like a deer in headlights. First off, I do have a big head and tend to get more “head held high” moments than some but on the flip side I’m humbled and insecure.

The fact that my clients trust in me to care for their pets, and that the kiddos love me is enough for me. With that being said so many clients want to show appreciation but don’t know how to, they don’t want to step over boundaries. Understandable. Here’s a few ways to show your pet sitter appreciation:

  • TIPS – Money goes a long way. Pet sitters and dog walkers spend a lot of money on gas and supplies for the furkids and the business. 10-20% of the service fees is a reasonable amount.
  • SPREAD THE WORD – A client referral is priceless. When a new client tells me “so and so” has been saying such wonderful things that I had to call you for my pet its like tipping me times 10.
  • GIFTS – Gifts from your vacation spots makes us feel like family.
  • ENTER IN LOCAL BEST CONTESTS – When cities, newspapers, or local communities have contests for Best Businesses enter your pet sitter. Let them know publicly they’re the best.
  • NOMINATE PET SITTER OF THE YEAR – Every year Pet Sitter’s International grants a Pet Sitter of the Year. This is the ultimate compliment and a prestigious award. If your pet sitter is a PSI member take a look HERE to find out how to nominate them.
  • FYI, I’m a PSI member
  • <Insert big puppy dog smile here>




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