When A Pet Sitter Becomes A Team Of Professional Pet Sitters

I started as a solo sitter five years ago, mainly for my mental, emotional, and physical therapy. Never did I think JenLovesPets would become such a community icon. As we grew it was difficult for me to hire a team of sitters because of my love for all the kiddos. I wanted to be the face, the sitter, the caretaker of pets…all of JLP. One because that’s just how I am and two I’m a bit of a control freak. “My way” or the “JLP way” is what our clients expect and want, and why they continue to call upon us. I’m so thankful for our family and so proud to be a part of our clients’ family. But.

I realized a few years ago how selfish I’m being by not hiring a team. You see, it takes a community to raise a kid, it takes a team of doctors to heal a sick person, it takes a team in the vets’ office to heal a sick pup. I always made sure there was a back up plan if something were to happen to me and am a great pet sitter but to have a team of professional pet sitters…my goodness our furclients could have the best professional sitters at their beck and call. (so to speak) A team that supports each other and has the professional skills to care for each pet. Trained in the JenLovesPets’ way. It takes a team to care for a pet.

When you hire JenLovesPets to care for your pets you are not just hiring a pet sitter you’re hiring a team of professionals.

Clients benefit? Less “I’m sorry we’re booked” and more “We have a professional pet sitter perfect for your and your pets’ needs” More peace of mind that a professional or professionals will be able to handle emergencies and issues that come up during a sit. If an emergency comes up with a sitter more confidence another can step in without any hitches. More home security. Prime example: Recently our lead sitter was on her way to one client drove past another client’s house that was on vacation and noticed the garage door was open and called me. I sent over another sitter to help investigate before we called the police (I was tied up) They noticed all doors were locked so did a house check. All was fine, I called the emergency contact and they told me the garage does go up from time to time. He thanked me for being so diligent, I told him it was our team. Our team found it and fixed it.

Pets benefit? MORE BEST FRIENDS to play with. They get a professional sitter with a positive, confident, and loving attitude. A more controlled schedule with less hiccups. And if a behavior or health issue comes up a team of professionals can better discuss and come up with a plan (if pet parents aren’t available) For example: Our lead dog walker noticed a furclient was limping but he wouldn’t let her check his leg. He seemed to be in pain but everything she tried didn’t relax him enough to allow her to check him out. She called me and I was able to walk her thru a step process that did work to calm him down enough and she pulled out a sticker from in his paw. It’s nice to have that back up and a fresh pair of eyes on the situation.

Sitter benefit? A team to discuss daily happenings. A comfort in knowing there is backup in case of an emergency. A day or so off. All creating a positive morale. A happy pet sitter is a happy furclient is a happy client!

I can’t believe it took all this time to stop being selfish. I’m sharing the love of my furclients and even though we’re still at the beginning of building a strong professional pet sitting team I can already see the kiddos benefiting. I’m particular and will only hire the best fit for us and our clients so it’ll be slow. And I can almost guarantee clients won’t even notice a change in service. If you or anyone you know are interested in working for JenLovesPets and becoming a JLP Professional Pet Sitter and live in our North County San Diego service area (Rancho Penasquitos, Carmel Mountain, Poway, Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, Carmel Valley, Santaluz, Del Sur, 4S Ranch, Rancho Bernardo) contact me at jen@jenlovespets.com

Need a pet sitter or dog walker? Think of your pet as family, that they have individual unique personalities, want the best for them, and are ready to hire a team of professionals call us! (858)205-8132




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