Holiday Pet Care Planning



Photo by Peggy Storsved
~ This article was written by Jennifer Taylor for 92129 Magazine in 2012, click here to see the article.
It’s time to plan our holiday vacations. Some folks will take their pets with them. Most will need pet care while they’re away. Many prefer to have a family member or neighbor care for their pet but during the holidays it can be bothersome for all involved. There are other options; not all are ideal for every pet so it’s best to plan your pet care around your pet’s normal lifestyle.
Cats are independent by nature and can handle being alone for long periods of time with a few exceptions. For example if he’s anxious or destructive then you’ll want to board him in a cat friendly facility. If you have a low-key cat then hiring a pet sitter to visit twice a day to feed, give fresh water, clean the litter box and play with them works quite well.
Dogs are more reliant and finding the best option for them can be difficult. Dr. Sprouse with Peñasquitos Pet Clinic tells her clients “If the dog is relatively calm while alone they’ll do well with a pet sitter coming 2-3 times a day. If a dog is used to having someone at home all the time, then a “live in” pet sitter would be a better option. Such dogs might do better being boarded at a facility with around the clock personnel. If the dog has health problems then boarding at a small facility or veterinarian office is the best option.”
PQ resident Amy Kapsis has worked with a local pet sitter for over a year; “We’ve found quality pet sitters book up during the holidays, so we call way ahead when we know we’ll be leaving town. After all, Noby our dog is part of our family and worth every ounce of planning!” Whether a pet sitter, veterinarian, or boarding facility make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure your pet will have the care they deserve.



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