So…you want a puppy?! YES!
I think they are a blessing and a love to have around but not everyone is able.




Puppies are adorable, they melt the most hardened hearts but they are also terrors. They are little raptors wrapped in fur. They are babies but a hell of a lot more work.

They need to be taught a feeding routine, need potty training, may whine all night wanting to be with you. THEY WANT TO BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME

They eat shoes, curtains, couches, chairs, pillows, computers, remotes, white out, pens, socks, underwear. Yes they eat underwear, that’s their favorite snack especially if they’re dirty.
They dig, dig in dirt, dig in carpet, on the walls. Did I tell you they EAT? Like everything?

Do you have a back up plan if the puppy is howling during the day while you’re at work?

Puppies need training, they need to be taught where to potty, to alert that they need to potty, they need to be taught leave it, drop it, come, sit, stay. They need to be taught how to walk on a leash, need to be

socialized around people and other dogs.

(Notice I’m saying they “need to be taught” not “they need to learn” because it’s all on YOU to teach them. They will not automatically get it.

Puppies need potty breaks during the day while you’re at work. Young puppies (12 weeks) need to potty every 3 hours at the most. So you’ll need a dog walker to care for them.

$$$$ Do you have $$$$ ???? Because they need vaccinations, spay or neutered. Vet money for the late night vet visits….and YES you will have them especially if you’re a first time dog parent. They need parasite prevention; most are monthly treatments and

they need baths and nail trims.

Exercise. Lots of it. Daily walks sometimes twice or three times a day. Are you willing to change your entire schedule for this

puppy? Because you’ll need to!

They need a pet sitter for when you go on vacation…even if you leave for just one night. They need a sitter.


Allergies. Say you get this precious baby and you’re allergic. You start itching, eyes watering, body aches. You’re allergic to your new baby….even though you’ve never been allergic before. But you’ve never had a dog before either, just played with other pups.

This is probably the most devastating outcome. Heartbreaking. Ideally you would know if you’re allergic ahead of time but…So you have a decision to make, fight against the diagnosis; allergy shots/medications and hope you feel better and develop an immunity or bite the bullet and take the baby back.

Sometimes the best decision is to take the baby back, and sometimes it’s for you to step up. Only you can make that decision.

Whatever you choose, please do your homework first. Check yourself, make sure you’re ready to go all in and make a 100%

commitment before the baby goes home with you. Because this raptor dressed in dog fur will grow into the best dog ever with the correct training and guidance but it will also grow old and need more vet and hands on care. And many years later there will be a quality of life question.

Be Ready. Be Informed.

And know: JenLovesPets is there for you when you need those daily check ins, pet sitting, and puppy tips!



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