Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers vs Tech Companies

JenLovesPets was born in 2010. We started off as a solo sitter for emotional, mental, and physical therapy and quickly grew to over 450 clients and 8 professional pet sitters and dog walkers as employees. We’ve had over 450 meet n greets and combined over 80 years of pet care experience.

I’m so proud to work with this group of team members! With our passion and pet CPR & First Aid Training we’ve proven to be the best in north San Diego (more specifically the Rancho Penasquitos (and an 8mile radius) area.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of, well…most likely everyone reading this have heard of Rover, DogVacay and/or Wag! They’re pretty much trying to take over the pet sitting, dog walking, and boarding market. From a business stand point Rover is rocking it and have left the others in the dust. Their money is never ending and their marketing is amazing!

But. That doesn’t make them professional pet sitters. I cringe when I hear “My dog walker is Rover” or “We use Rover pet sitters” I’ve seen it on Facebook, Nextdoor and other social media sites.



These tech companies allow anyone to join their sites. Anyone can be taking care of your fur babies. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think most people have good intentions but good intentions usually does not save a life or prevent something drastic.

Experience and knowledge mixed with passion and care in a legal business that have true employees will always be the best option for pet care. Not saying emergencies don’t happen but when they do you want a team of professionals handling them to prevent unnecessary stress on you and your babies. You want a professional team in a local professional business. A business with the proper license and insurance in case something happens.

JenLovesPets’ pet sitters complete Pet CPR & First Aid Training, weeks of shadow and hands on training by myself and our leads. We use a scheduling and note system that keeps us all in the loop while caring for your pets. When you’re on vacation or at work you receive an email every time we check in on your baby with cute notes and pictures so you’ll never be in the dark. It’s constant contact!

As I type this I’m trying to decide if I want to tell you the horror stories some of my clients have gone through while using these tech companies. Or some of the stories I’ve heard on the news or within the multiple pet sitter networking groups I belong to. Accidents and mistakes can happen to anyone, trust me we’ve made our own. The difference is you open yourself up to more of a horror story when using hobbyists from these sites. More than half of these pet lovers don’t have the training to handle serious situations, they don’t have the legal responsibility to care for your pets properly. Ok….so on that note I will tell one story. A fellow pet sitter’s Aunt used Rover (to her dismay) and days into the service the dog went missing. Years later that fur baby has never been found. The Rover hobbyist did nothing to help find the pup; absolutely nothing. Rover did nothing. And because Rover is not a pet sitting company just a tech company (a huge tech company) the effects of their mistake was non existent except to the pup and her parents.

After caring for over 500 dogs and cats in San Diego I’m confident I can say “We

know what you as a pet parent and what your fur babies want” and I don’t think it’s just cheap pet care.

I don’t consider these tech companies as competition (and I hope no other professional pet sitter does as well) however I am concerned for our fur babies and pet parents. I feel as a professional I’m obligated to you; to let you know the dangers in not hiring professionals. Side Note: I know you can find sitters and walkers in these sites that are upscale but it’s a lottery and do you really want to play the lottery with your pets? or Russian Roulette? I know, you don’t. That’s why we’re here for you!

As I said above I’m so proud of our team. Take a look at the About Page and get to know us a bit and if you live in our service area (Rancho Penasquitos, Mira Mesa, Torrey Highlands, Santaluz, 4SRanch, Del Sur, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Poway, and Scripps Ranch) please register as a new client so we can get to know you and your babies!



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