Benefits of Hiring A Professional Dog Walking Company

JenLovesPets has served Rancho Penasquitos (the jewel of San Diego) and surrounding areas since 2010. We’ve walked over 350 dogs and have come to understand why pet parents prefer to hire professional dog walking companies.

Benefits for Dogs:

*break up the day with fun and play
*release pinned up energy
*lose weight or maintain a healthy weight
*continue basic training and manners


Benefits for you:

*peace of mind; a loving professional will be there for your baby
*professional dog walkers are there rain or shine and holidays if warranted
*no need to rush home
*no more guilt of leaving your fur baby indoors all day!
*your pup will have even better manners
*once you’ve established a relationship your professional dog walker will be there in case of an emergency
*invited to a last minute show or dinner? Call on your dog walker!


Should you hire a professional dog walker? 

If you have a dog: YES!


What is a Professional Dog Walker?

A professional dog walker is one that has that is pet CPR & first aid trained, is with a company that is licensed or bonded or themselves are licensed.

A professional dog walker or a professional dog walking company (like JenLovesPets) is registered with the city and has a business license and an EIN number. —Honestly most people don’t care about this, but it’s important because it shows corners are not cut. If someone cuts corners legally do you think they might cut corners in pet care?

A professional company spends a lot time vetting their employees with a thorough background check, reference check, many hours of training and pet courses.

A professional understands dog walking is not easy money. It’s the best job ever!! But not easy. Professionals have eyes like a hawk watching their surroundings, reflexes like a boxer in an effort to protect their clients, and a mind sharp as a samurai sword for quick decision making and common sense managing.

A professional dog walker is reliable, loving, caring, has an emergency plan, is educated in all things pets and constantly learning

Or should I hire a Professional Dog Walking Company?


YES! It’s preferred! 


There are amazing solo professional dog walkers in San Diego, the problem is making sure one has a reliable back up in case of an emergency. From an ex professional solo walker this was important and stressful as I was constantly working on an emergency plan and back up if needed. Now that JenLovesPets has a team of professional dog walkers we’ve perfected our emergency and back up plans.

When hiring a professional dog walking company you want to check their online presence —aka: reviews and social media. Every once in a while we’re asked for references and I tell new JLP family members the best and ALL references are found online with the review sites. Anytime someone gives references they’re always going to be filtered, best to get ones that aren’t.

You also want to make sure the company is licensed (legally allowed to do business in your city) insured and bonded and does the company have a contract or terms and conditions?

If you have special concerns or your fur baby has special needs you want to discuss that on the initial phone call to make sure the professional dog walking company is able to accommodate.

CAUTION! When hiring a professional dog walking company you want to stay local. There are Uber like apps and Amazon like websites that are not ideal for the dog parent or dogs. They aren’t sites true professionals are associated with. 

When hiring a professional dog walking company you’ll be asked to set up a meet n greet. It’s approximately 30 minutes and is an ideal time to go over the routine and special needs and quirks in more detail in your home. JenLovesPets usually sets up a meet n greet after spending a good amount of time on the phone to make sure we’re a good fit. Once we’re sure both of us would like to continue it’s meet n greet time! We schedule a visit with the owner (myself AKA Auntie Jen) and another team member to make sure we have all the info we need and to give you the new JLP family member a bigger picture of our team.

Now that you know you need to hire a professional dog walking company, JenLovesPets has a few openings for dog walking in the following areas:

Rancho Penasquitos, Torrey Highlands, Santaluz, DelSur, 4SRanch, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Scripps Ranch, and Mira Mesa

Meet our team HERE

And register HERE

Feel free to ask questions below! We look forward to hearing from you! 



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