Pet Sitter Trick of the Trade: Bonding w/ Your Shy Cat

By the end of the visits we send out detailed updates with cute stories and adorable pictures of how your pet is doing. It’s a great aspect of our system! Often times we get messages in return that our clients feel at ease and are happy to see their pet doing so well! My favorite replies are “Wow how did you get my cat to sit on our lap?!” and sometimes even being called a cat whisperer. What a compliment!!! From my experiences, I’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to getting a nervous cat become a new BFF:

  1. Keep a calm, soothing voice. Try to talk as soft as possible. Loud voices and sounds are not the most ideal environment for the cat to become comfortable in. Sometimes this isn’t so easy. We want to let out high pitched baby voices telling them how cute they are haha!
  2. Soft eyes and body language. Sitting down on the floor is the least intimidating approach when meeting a new cat friend. Keep soft body language and soft eyes. Basically this means try not to be stiff and keep those eyes half closed. Do not keep constant eye contact with big, open eyes. I like to give soft, loving blinks without direct eye contact!
  3. Sniffing you out. When a cat decides that you pose no threat, they may want to come check you out more. Without getting in their face, I gently stick my hand out and let them sniff me. They may start to rub their chin against your hand. When I can tell they feel more comfortable, I will give them a few loving pets on their chins. Or letting them sniff your shoe or backpack is also a great option. They’re learning your smell and sensing the energy you let off.
  4. The power of treats and food. Once a cat sees that you are there to feed them their can of food- they love you even more! I love spreading out a few of their favorite treats too. Once they recognize that I feed them with each visit, I find that they become more trusting. Perhaps they think “Ok this lady is giving me food so she can’t be that bad!” I even find myself softly talking while prepping their food so they can
    associate me with their feedings.

Remember, every cat’s personality is different and the experienced professionals at JenLovesPets will take the time it needs to bond and build strong friendships with your fur babies. We pride ourselves in our ability to build a loving relationship with our clients. Who knows- your timid cat might be taking selfies in no time with a JenLovesPets team member!!

Written by:

Jill, Team Lead, JenLovesPets



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