Tips and activities to keep your pet entertained while away

There are many benefits of having JenLovesPets take care of your fur babies while away at work for the day. Many clients rave about how thankful they are for the services we offer. We totally get it- It is difficult being away from our pets for hours at a time. That’s why we are here for you! Hiring a team of pet care professionals can help rid some of that guilt. We’ll be a companion for your pet and make sure to give them lots of loving, play, exercise, and potty breaks! All visits will be tailored to your pet’s needs, of course. Some pets may need a brisk, fast paced walk the full visit while others may need some time to play Frisbee out back.

Here are some easy ways to keep your pet busy and entertained while you or your pet care professional aren’t around:

1. Windows and sliding doors to look out of. Also known as Backyard TV!!! A favorite pastime of dogs and cats. Open some curtains or shades to give your fur baby some outdoor nature to observe. They will enjoy watching the action going on outside of their house!

2. Turn on the radio or television. Give your pet some tunes to listen to or turn on their favorite cartoon! I find many of the dogs we walk are watching the PBS Kids channel haha! The background noise can help ease anxious feelings and serve as a distraction. This is also a great idea to do when you know there will be loud events nearby, such as fireworks, parades, or construction.

5. Dental treats and bones. Leaving your pet with some yummy treats to chew on is not only fun for them, but provides good dental care too! Greenies are a fan fav among the pups and kitties we take care of. It’s a bonus that they help with oral hygiene and fighting tartar in the gums. Bones and dental chews are perfect options for some busy chewing action.

3. Favorite games and toys. Make sure your fur baby has their favorite toys out for them to play with. Anything from a ball, rope, or an interactive toy to really keep them busy. Changing up the toys that are out can intrigue them and keep them more interested in some new toys.


4. Frozen Kong with peanut butter. The good ol’ fashioned frozen kong trick! It will keep your pup working hard at getting every last bit of the natural peanut butter inside. Freezing it will keep them going even longer. They will put in that extra effort knowing that peanut butter or their favorite treat is hidden inside.



It’s fun to get creative with brainstorming ways of keeping your pet entertained and happy. These different ideas may also help an anxious dog feel more at ease and relaxed while their owner is away. Natural pet products such as calming sprays and stress relief drops are also great to have as options for your restless pet.

Are these things you do for your pet? What are some of your favorite ways to help keep your pet feeling happy and entertained while you’re away for the day? We’d love to hear your creative ideas. Let us know in the comments!

Written by Jill, JenLovesPets Team Leader



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