Santaluz – A Beautiful Natural San Diego Community

Santaluz! A life of nature within a gated community.

Pets and Pet owners can both agree that San Diego is a wonderful place to reside. As San Diegans, we feel extremely grateful. From the mountains to the beaches, we truly are spoiled to be able to experience it all. Among the San Diego neighborhoods, is a special hidden gem called Santaluz. This beautiful community is located in Northern county San Diego and continues to appeal to the locals and newcomers. At JenLovespets we LOVE the Santaluz community and all our clients we service there. What we love most about this San Diego neighborhood is the surrounding nature of the community. The beautiful wildlife is right outside in the backyards of the Santaluz residents.
The nature aspect of Santaluz is what draws many people to this area. That means coyotes, rattlesnakes, rats, and other wildlife will most certainly make appearances and live amongst the houses. It may concern pet owners because our fur babies’ safety is always our number one priority. I understand the trepidation, however as long as you take basic safety precautions then you and your furry friends will be living their best life in Santaluz!
Coyotes are no strangers to the San Diego neighborhoods. Many people believe that coyotes only lurk around during the nighttime hours. Coyotes are more active after the sun sets, but they are indeed around during the daytime as well. As JenLovesPets pet professionals, we have seen it first hand while walking your pets. Personally I’ve seen two coyotes from afar wandering the Santaluz neighborhoods during dog walks at a time of the day that the sun was still shining. Coyotes may even be curious in checking out some backyards in Santaluz. That’s one of the reasons why it is extremely important to always keep a close eye on our pets while they’re enjoying the peaceful surroundings of their own backyard oasis. A simple way to keep the coyotes away is to install the proper fencing around the yard. They are skilled diggers and climbers so the fencing should have deep roots but stands tall. A sturdy, hard to climb material will help protect you and your pets from having visitors of all sorts. Not only will this help with coyotes, it will also help rid your backyard of rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes are commonly nestled between the walking trails and bushes in the Santaluz community. The JenLovesPets team always has an eye out for danger and local hazards. We keep your dogs away from bushes to keep their noses from coming in contact with a snake that’s nuzzled up in there. The endless trails in Santaluz are amazing to experience while walking your pups, but we always keep in mind that dirt trails are a huge attraction for rattlesnakes.
It is amazing to see the creativity put into ways for cats to enjoy the outdoors in Santaluz. We see first hand that JenLovesPets

clients are always implementing the best ideas to give their cats some fresh air in a protective way. If you do allow your cat to roam the yard then they should always be closely watched and a tall, vinyl fencing should be surrounding the yard. (Although HOAs may have a say about certain fencing) Materials like vinyl make it almost impossible for cats to get a grip and climb up. Also remember to keep a watch out for hawks and owls flying above and around the house. Screened in areas for your cat to hang out in is an awesome and safe idea. One of the neatest inventions for cats is the “Cat-io”, which is an enclosure that allows your cat to roam around in while being outside. These are the purrrfect accessory for your patio or backyard that allow your kitty to have fun while you keep your peace of mind!
Awareness of the wildlife and taking these safety measures will allow you to fully enjoy the tranquility and calmness of the Santaluz community. There is plenty to discover and enjoy in these beautiful neighborhoods. Not only for humans but for your

furbabies too! Now that you have some helpful tips for you and your pets, go out and enjoy all the beauty that Santaluz has to offer!

Written by: Jill, Team Lead, JenLovesPets




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