Tricks for Treats- the Benefits of Pet Treats

There is no denying that dogs and cats LOVE treats! The sight of a favorite treat, the jingle of the box, or even just the word itself will make your pets tail wiggle. And can you blame them? When I see tasty food such as cookies and donuts, I have a Pavlovian reaction as well. We encourage our JenLovesPets family to provide proper treats for us to use during visits with their fur-children. Yes, they help with the bonding experience and may factor into your pet wanting to become new best friends with their pet sitter. But it doesn’t stop there, there are so many other benefits when incorporating treats into your pet’s life.


Finding That Perfect Treat

Pleasing a pet with a treat is one the best parts of our days. Nothing can beat the smile lighting up on their face as they see you reaching for the treat bag. Even for the pickiest of eaters, there are many options available when it comes to treats. Your pet is sure to find one they enjoy between all the variety of flavors, sizes, and textures. Search for treats with wholesome ingredients that best fit their nutritional needs. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect treat, but overall it should be a type that they LOVE! Something that your dog will drool over- literally! One of JenLovesPets furry clients comes to mind when I say that. Before we say goodbye, we open the treat box and *poof* there he is beside us literally salivating! If possible, we love to leave all the JenLovesPets clients with a delicious treat right as we’re leaving the visit. This way we feel less guilty about leaving our friends for the day.


Make Pets Earn Their Treats

Dog Treats - San Diego

We also like to make pets earn their treats. And, actually, so do they! Offering a treat to a dog can motivate them to learn specific behaviors or commands. Small training treats are great tools to have for your dog’s learning experiences. As dog walkers we experience excited dogs wanting to bolt through the door to get outside as soon as possible. Reinforcing a dog to “sit” then “wait” at the door before a walk can be achievable with some treats and repetition! Or teaching them to be a talented superstar by learning fun tricks such as roll over, high five, and shake. They’ll most definitely be proud of their new achievements.


Treats During Walks

Often times treats are used during dog walks. That’s why we carry these awesome purple JenLovesPets treat bags with us! We toss a few provided small treats, or broken pieces of a larger one, into our bags prior to a walk. You can make the walk fun by setting goals along the way. If your dog makes it to the playground at the end of the street then praise them! Increasing the distance each time may transform your dog into a walking fiend!! Carrying along treats are particularly useful for leash reactive dogs. A treat is a great diversion for when you encounter a car, other dog, gardener, etc. In my experience, I find holding a treat out while saying “leave it” will help deter them from reacting.


Puzzles and Games

We can all agree that puzzles and games are loads of fun, while also getting the brain juices flowing. Having your dog work through a shuffle or puzzle board game is an enriching way for them to earn their treats. Stuffing a treat or some peanut butter (xylitol free) into a Kong is another popular choice. Cats love hunting and earning treats, too! There are plenty of puzzle feeders available that have your cat opening and pawing through to earn some crunchy treats. It’s tough as is being away from your pet but these types of tasks can help to keep them occupied.

Is your pet treat motivated? Do they make your dog’s tail wag? Do you find treats to be helpful in training? Comment your thoughts and questions below!



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