Pets are more than Christmas gifts

Happy December!! The most wonderful time of the year has begun! ‘Tis the season of gift giving and surrounding ourselves with loved ones as we celebrate the upcoming holidays. For many, the perfect gift of all would be to wake up to a new pet. A dog, cat, rabbit, etc awaiting by the Christmas tree. As this seems like the ultimate gift, it should be a decision that is thought out and practical. In no way should this be an impulsive choice. Shelter pups and cats deserve a special Christmas too. The best Christmas gift you could give them is a FUREVER home!
The reality of it is that pets are more than just “gifts”- they are living, breathing things that need lots of love and attention. Is the person your gifting to able to provide them with all the care and love that they need and deserve? AND is the whole family involved on board too? A person with a busy lifestyle might not be ready for a new pet if their schedule is overly hectic. All pets need adequate daily stimulation and interaction with people. Specific breeds of dogs have different activity level needs. A golden retriever puppy would not be satisfied with very limited walks and playtime. Like many other breeds, they are active dogs who need those multiple, brisk walks. Even the “couch potato” dog breeds that prefer to lounge still require some sort of stimulation. This is also true for cats! Because of a cat’s independent personality, many people overlook that cats need this attention as well. You’ll need to spend time playing and loving on your kitty. There’s plenty of options whether it be string toys, laser pointers, electronic interactive toys, or cat towers to climb on.

Owning a pet means that you are able to meet their needs. Pets are not humans who can use the toilet and flush when they have to go potty. Dogs require to be let outside to do their tee tee’s and boo boo’s. This means making sure they get taken out at least every few hours. I’ve heard people moan and groan about their dog waking them up in the early morning hours to use the bathroom. It’s part of being a dog owner as this is what dogs require. Cat’s litter boxes are their own personal bathrooms. Litter box care and cleaning cannot be neglected. As a cat owner, you have to be willing to scoop your cat’s litter box as often as needed. No cat wants to use a stinky, unkept bathroom!

Thankfully for pet owners with busy schedules, professional dog walking and pet sitting companies like JenLovesPets are here to help! One of the reasons why our service is so desirable is because we are always here for you and your furbabies. Scheduling customized visits with a professional company to walk, play, and love on your pet gives them that physical and emotional boost through the day. Providing services for your pet is a financial part of owning a pet. It’s important to make sure that the person your gifting to is prepared and able to financially provide for their pet. Factor in nutritional pet food, bedding, leashes and harnesses, toys, and other essential supplies. Veterinary visits will certainly be another financial necessity for their pet that they will need to afford.

Dedication. They need to be dedicated to their new furry family member. A forever commitment and not just a cute holiday gift idea. Before adopting a new pet for a friend, relative, or significant other, truly make sure they are ready and that they 100% want to take on the responsibilities. They need to have the knowledge of what goes into being a proper pet owner. It’s okay if you decide that gifting a pet isn’t the right choice at the moment. You can still bring that holiday cheer for the pets awaiting in the shelters during the holidays! Anyone can visit the cats and dogs at a local shelter or donate supplies that they need. Toys, bedding, food supplies are all thoughtful gifts that adoption centers are always in need of.

A pet is a pet for life! Not just for Christmas. Not just for special occasions. They are looking to be forever loved by their very own family! Happy Holidays everyone!



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