Dog barking in the neighborhood

If you live in a neighborhood or apartment community, you’ll experience all sorts of sounds and noises surrounding you. Chances are that one of those sounds is dog barking! It’s common to hear some level of barking throughout the day or night. Barking is natural, it’s normal behavior for dogs to bark since this is how they communicate! Most have this general understanding that a dog barking from time to time is reasonable. Sometimes situations arise when barking turns excessive or occurs during inappropriate hours of the day. Whether it’s your dog or a neighbor’s dog, this is a situation that we most likely have experienced. What can be done to fix this problem? What are some solutions?

The solution to lessen dog barking is NOT to automatically call police or animal control. No one should resort to such extreme action without speaking to your neighbor first! Even if you’re very frustrated, it’s smart to stay away from bashing your neighbor and their dog on social media. There are far too many negative posts about neighbors and their pets on the “Nextdoor” app. Your neighbor may not even be aware that their dogs barking is a problem, especially if it occurs while they’re away or at work. So, the first thing to do is to talk to your neighbor and let them know. You could keep track of when the barking happens the most and typically how long it lasts. This could be helpful information you could pass on to them. Be a good neighbor and approach the owners in a friendly, polite manner.

Dog barking can stem from a variety of underlying reasons. No matter the reason, it could take time and usually isn’t an immediate fix.

One of the most common reasons why dogs bark is from excitement and overstimulation happening around them. Dogs love watching outdoor tv from their windows and glass doors. After all, there are lots to see out there- Cars driving by, other dogs walking, leaves blowing in the wind, the mailman, ups guy, or even a friendly squirrel running up a tree. Setting up a designated area away from outdoor views for your dog could help in this situation while you’re away.

Boredom. Dogs tend to bark when they’re bored and will let you know through their barks that they’re not very happy about it. If a dog is busy with a task then they will most likely be too preoccupied to be making noise. Having games and toys available is a fun way to keep them busy. A puzzle toy is stimulating and fun for your dog when they have to work to get a treat. Placing peanut butter and a treat in a frozen kong will make them work hard for hours!

Separation anxiety and stress could lead to barking when owners are not around. They could feel anxious right as they see their human leave for work right until they return home later. There are some ways to help calm a dog’s nerves and have them feel more at ease. Turn on background sounds and noises such as televisions and radios. Some dogs prefer the sound of classical music as it’s known to be calming. Others may enjoy watching sesame street and other cartoons from the television. Set up a comfortable area with toys and blankets that have familiar scents on them. You could spray an all-natural calming spray on their favorite blanket or even on their collar as the calming aromas do their job.

Keep your dogs inside! Some dogs have awesome, fun backyards that they love spending time in. When the house is asleep or no one is home, keeping your dog inside is important. This is probably the biggest complaint from neighbors- when a dog is excessively barking from OUTSIDE. The best solution to this problem is keeping them inside and close any doggy doors that lead to the outdoors. Not to mention it is much safer to have your dog indoors when no one is around. Coyotes and other wildlife can still make their way into a fenced in backyard!

Exercise and socialization will tire dogs out. And when a dog is sleepy this means they are too tired to bark! Visits from dog walker like JenLovesPets are meant to provide your dog with lots of exercise, play, stimulation, and LOVEFESTS!!! A mid-day dog walk from your dog walker is the perfect solution to keeping your dog busy and feeling less lonely while you’re away for the day.



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