Pet sitting visits and requirements for you cat

Over the years at JenLovesPets, our kitty family has expanded tremendously! We love all the cats we have the pleasure of pet sitting while getting to know their unique personalities- it never gets old. They’re all so different from one another but equally PAWsome. Some of our fur nephews and nieces are independent and shy, while some are talkative and glued to our sides the whole visit.  But one thing in common is that all cats need professional pet care while their paw-rents are away! This includes fresh food, water, litter box cleaning, health checks, companionship, and LOVEFESTS!

JenLovesPets requires that we schedule pet sitting check-ins with your cat AT LEAST every other day. This is the minimum but we highly recommend daily visits and even twice a day for some cats. Older cats ages ten and up need to have daily visits unless there has been a recent vet health assessment with vaccinations and paperwork. After the mandatory vet visit, they may be able to do every other day visits if they are in good health. However, we do suggest daily interaction and check-ins for your senior cats.  Some may ask “does my cat really need a pet sitter that often?”. The answer is YES, YES, AND YES! They absolutely require professional pet care that often, especially during a possibly stressful experience of their family being away. Your cat’s age, health, and personality are all factors when it comes to their pet care.

Pet sitting visits and requirements for you catWith all the funny cat stories out there (yes, we have quite the collection of our own!), it’s pretty common knowledge that cats are little explorers who can get themselves into shenanigans! They are naturally curious and love to explore. With a professional pet sitter coming in daily to check in, this allows us to make sure your cat is doing well and not getting into something they’re not supposed to! We thoroughly check the house for any accidents or anything that may seem out of the ordinary. Some cats know how to open and shut doors believe it or not! We have walked into a room which the cat shut himself into. Thankfully the kitties pet sitter was there to save the day! Having us see your furbaby daily is a piece of mind for owners that their cat is doing well!

We have witnessed many times that health-related symptoms can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. When cats develop problems with their health it is usually fast and won’t show early signs of illness. With a professional pet sitter visiting daily, this allows us to catch any problems early on or right as they occur. It is our job and duty to keep your kitty safe and report back any suspected health issues. Some of the things we keep our eyes open for is throw up accidents, outside of the box poop or pee, a difference in stools, any traces of blood, etc. We do a “head to tail check” and take notice of their vitals. If a cat is currently on medication then It’s especially important for us to have the correct number of visits scheduled in order to administer the accurate amount of medicine.

Every day visits assure us that your kitty’s kingdom is clean and up their standards! Basically, this means litter box cleaning, sweeping litter trails, cleaning eating areas and bowls, oh and making sure those darn ants haven’t raided the premises. Keeping a clean litter box is important for most cats. If there is too much pee and poop for your cats liking, then they could start peeing elsewhere in the house. Professional pet sitters will scoop the box from bottom to top and sweep up around it too. We clean the bowls every day because slime will collect onto the water bowl if it isn’t cleaned often. Plus cats love fresh water- stale water that has been out for days is a no-no for them!

Pets need love and companionship. Most cats enjoy and strive for their pet sitters undivided attention. We’ll give your cats lots of love, pets, and cuddles if they allow us to. By the end of the visit, their purr boxes will be running! All cats have different needs and as professional pet sitters, it is our job to pick up on their cues of what they want from us. If a cat requires lots of exercise and attention then we will be playing and cuddling all visit long. Shy cats may prefer more space but we hope they can feel our love from their preferred distance. Your cats will love the individualized love they receive from their JenLovesPets sitter!



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