How to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

24/7, 365, it doesn’t matter the day or time we love our furbabies unconditionally! So why not spend Valentine’s Day the best way possible- with our pets, of course! There are so many ways to celebrate whether it’s a date with just you and your pet or including them in plans, they will be sure to feel the love.

Valentine's DayValentines day is the perfect time to get out and do an activity you love. The typical valentines date usually includes a lunch or dinner out at a restaurant. You and your dog can both enjoy a dining out experience at a restaurant or brewery that’s pet friendly. With San Diego being incredibly dog friendly, there are numerous hoppin’ spots that welcome dogs in. If you choose to spend some time on the patio of a pet friendly winery or brewery, make sure your dog doesn’t try to sneak a sip of your beverage! Even though pets obviously can’t drink, they simply love just being around the presence of their favorite humans.

Heading to the park or hiking a trail are fun ways to spend the day for those seeking a more active type of date. Luckily San Diego is full of dog friendly parks where you and your pup can enjoy the beautiful weather together. Grab a few tennis ball and head to an enclosed dog park if your dog loves to run around and play fetch. There’s also lots of mountains to hike up for you and your active doggy. To make it extra festive and “valentine-like” you and your dog could wear matching pink or red sweaters to stay warm in the outdoors. Too cute! Your cats most likely don’t go on hikes but they can enjoy time outdoors too. If you’re an extra cat mom like me, then bring your cat on a walk in their cat stroller.

Not everyone prefers to be out and about during the Valentines day holiday. You can stay home and still have just as fun with your furbaby. Prepare a romantic meal that includes some healthy food that dogs can eat such as rice, sweet potatoes, and veggies. For my fellow sweet tooth’s out there, dessert is the best part! Just be sure that your pets don’t eat any chocolates as you devour your chocolate heart boxes. Chocolate dipped strawberries are a popular Valentine’s day dessert that you can make safe for your dog. Instead of dipping them into melted chocolate you can feed your dog plain strawberries since they are a healthy human food that dogs are allowed to have. Have some fun experimenting in the kitchen as you make DIY wholesome dog treats to surprise your pet with. It’s a chance to get creative while also making your dog one happy pup! Making the treats heart shaped would be the cutest final touch to this valentine’s day surprise.

A dozen of roses is a Valentine’s day staple when gift giving. Some of the plants and flowers you receive are toxic to pets and should be out of reach as much as possible. Although a bouquet of flowers isn’t safe for pets, you can still surprise your cat with a “plant” gift that they’ll love! Cat grass is specifically made for cats to graze on as they let their inner cows out. You’ll find cat grass at almost every pet store and your cat will go crazy for it!

If you’re the type to shower your pet in gifts for holidays then you’ll love the idea of making a DIY heart shaped box of toys and treats. Reuse an old, cleaned out heart shaped box and instead of chocolates you can place pet friendly gifts inside! For cats you could fill the box with treats, plush toys with catnip, rolling balls, and anything else they adore. Dogs would be thrilled to open a box full of homemade dog treats, bones, tennis balls, and a new chew toy.

Have a fun and safe holiday. Most importantly enjoy your Valentine’s day with the biggest sweethearts of all- your furbabies!!!




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