How to get rid of dog smells in the house

If you’re a dog owner you most likely have faced the problem of a “dog smell” lingering within your house. Well it’s not uncommon! We find ourselves immune to any pet odors in our own house because our noses have adjusted to it. The panic tends to kick in when other guests come over! And like many, you have experimented with different products and techniques to tackle the problem. Sure, lighting a candle can temporally mask the problem but here are some natural ways to help say goodbye to pet odor and urine smells!

Bringing your dog to the groomers on a monthly basis is recommended to keep them healthy AND smelling fresh. Having them visit with a professional groomer is a great investment overall. How often you take them will vary a bit depending on the type of dog you have. They will bathe and pamper your pup using the best products for their specific breed and coat type. If you’d rather have the professionals come to you then take advantage of the growing businesses of mobile doggy groomers in your area!

Keeping your house clean with basic cleaning regimens goes a long way. A regular vacuuming and mopping schedule is key. Odors from fur, dander, dirt can build up quickly in the carpet and will get worse if not taken care of weekly. A vacuum specifically designed for sucking up loose fur is ideal to get the job done. For an extra boost, add some baking soda to the carpet when vacuuming. To really get that odor out you can also sprinkle enzymes onto the rug since they’re known to help kill odors.

How to get rid of dog smells in the house 2

A good cleaning routine also includes washing and sanitizing your dog’s items on a weekly basis. Wiping down hard material dog items, such as toys and bowls, with safe to use sanitizing wipes will help clean off dog drool and odors. Don’t forget to do the same for collars and harnesses from time to time as well. Soft toys can be tossed in the washing machine along with dog beds, dog bed covers, and towels in the crate. Wash the laundry with vinegar along with laundry detergent. Apple cider vinegar is so beneficial in many ways and this includes fighting pet odor!! Supplement your laundry with approximately a quarter cup of vinegar and you should start to see a difference.

Pet owners know that accidents happen inside the house from time to time and that’s okay! The critical part is cleaning up any pee accidents as quickly as possible. Using a pet safe carpet and floor cleaner should do the trick. You’ll want to dab the cleaner in place with a paper towel so that it doesn’t spread. Nature’s miracle is one of our favorite pet safe urine and odor cleaners. It’s natural, pet safe, and LEGIT!

The obvious solution is good ol’fashioned fresh air! It’s so necessary. Open those windows from time to time and let that air flow into your sanctuary! Letting in the air from the great outdoors will help get rid of the funky smells from inside. Add a few spritzes of freshener in the air to help keep the air smelling nice. Do not spend your money on expensive air fresheners because it’s not necessary and the ingredients in them are possibly toxic to your fur babies. It’s a cheaper and safer option to make a DIY natural air freshener at home. You know exactly what is going into the air and it works like a charm!

Grab a spray bottle, distilled water, vinegar, and pure essential oils that you KNOW are PET SAFE. Then combine the ingredients:

2 cups of distilled water

1 cup of white vinegar

10 drops of pet safe essential oils. Lavender and Lemongrass (not lemon) are great, safe choices

We love our dogs so much, but let’s be real- sometimes we don’t love the smells they create. Use these tips to help knock out dog odors from your house!

We love our dogs so much, but let’s be real- sometimes we don’t love the smells they create. Use these tips to help knock out dog odors from your house!



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