Dog Park Safety for Your Dog This Spring

The official start of Spring is here as we begin the month of March! Spring is an exciting time of the year for families and their furbabies. With the warmer weather creepin’ up it’s the perfect time to get out and about to enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather. Take advantage of the great outdoors and say goodbye to the winter cabin fever! Dogs are just as eager and excited as humans when it comes to the warmer weather change. A PAWSOME springtime activity that your dog will love is a visit to a local dog park where they can run around and let out some built up energy. Not every pup has that “dog park personality”. If the idea of an off-leash fenced in park to run around in, while other dogs are present, sounds suitable for your dog’s personality then this would be a fun activity.
If your dog is a perfect fit for a dog park then head on out to find a local spot that you both can enjoy! In order to find the most suitable dog park, keep in mind a few important features to consider.
Is the area safely set up with fences and proper entry and exit ways? A double-gated entryway is always ideal to prevent dogs from being master escape artists. A secure fence that appears sturdy is important for your dog’s safety as well.


Do your dog park research

Dog Park Safety for Your Dog This SpringIs the park designated for a specific size group of dogs? Some parks are divided into two separate areas where one is for small dogs and the other for larger dogs. This type of set up is ideal for dogs that tend to get intimidated by size in other dogs. But if they don’t mind size differences then they will do just fine in a dog park that intertwines big and smaller dogs.

Are there available shady areas and water stations? If you live in a city that gets quite warm in the spring months you’ll probably want a park that offers shade in at least some part of the park. Your dog may want to cool down and be out of the sun after some serious running around time. If the park doesn’t have a drinking water faucet then make sure to come prepared with plenty of water supplies so your dog stays hydrated and healthy.

Does the park offer enough space for your dog to run around in? Dog parks vary in sizes depending on their locations. Some are noticeably smaller and might not be suitable for larger dogs that naturally like to run a lot. A comfortable amount of space will fulfill your dog’s park wants and desires.


Rancho Peñasquitos Dog Park

The JenLovesPets service area is full of many dog parks that are all great in their own ways! With all the dog-friendly activities nearby it’s hard to choose just one preferred spot. One of our all-time favorite dog parks is in Rancho Peñasquitos where JenLovesPets all began with Jennifer and her dog Brezzy! Not only do we cherish it for this reason- there are many things the Rancho Peñasquitos dog park has to offer! The environment is beyond welcoming and fun overall as it attracts a great crowd and energy. This is one happenin’ spot during the spring before the overly warm summer temperatures hit. If you’re looking for a two-section park divided into small and large dog sizes, then this is a great option. They offer water bowls, trash cans, and poop bags which is a convenient feature. Not only is the park itself a hidden gem, but the local stores and business surrounding the area are also awesome places to stop by after a fun day at the park. Right around the corner, there is the local pet store Kahoots along with Starbucks, Everbowl, and other fun businesses where you and your pup can both enjoy.


Poway Dog Park

About 10 minutes down the road towards Poway you will find another JenLovesPets favorite spot. The Poway dog park attracts many local neighbors and their dogs. This park is divided into THREE gated enclosures- a small size section, mixed sizes, and large. There are trees in all parts which create a shady area to cool down in. Many describe the Poway dog park as huge and a really nice place to visit. Your dog will surely get in lots of exercise as they run around in the big open space. Both of these parks would also be great locations to throw doggy birthday bash’s or other special dog-related events!!!


Find Your Favorite Dog Park

Once you find a favorite park, your dog will be hooked and will look forward to their times spent there! It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your dog while playing some fetch or just simply running around. Socialization between your dog and other fellow dogs at the park is another amazing perk of the dog park experience. It’s a dream come true for social, outgoing dogs to be able to run around and play in a big open spot, leash free. Of course, keep an eye on body language and social cues that indicate your dog may not want to be engaging. When a dog is having fun and enjoying themselves, you’ll notice loose body language such as soft eyes and wagging tails. Some may become more easily fearful in certain situations or some dogs are more into rough play while others are not.


Park Etiquette

Dog quarrels do happen and aren’t uncommon during a trip to the dog park. When this sort of interaction occurs don’t be afraid to break it up by teaching your dog to respond to your call. It’s good dog park etiquette when your dog is trained to respond to your voice or sound. In the beginning stages of training, most dogs need small training treats involved. Eventually, most owners are able to fade the treats out as they learn to respond to their name or a simple “come” command. Being able to identify and de-escalate a potential negative interaction will allow there to be peace within those fences!
While keeping these dog park tips in mind, remember to have fun with your dog this spring! Happy Spring!!!



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