Best places to walk with your dog in North County San Diego

As professional dog walkers and pet sitters we know how much dogs LOVE their walks! Or should I say a W-A-L-K because half the time we have to spell it out! When they hear that favorite word or the sound of their leash clinking together is when the excitement starts. Cue the nonstop tail wags and big smiles! Now the question is- where will you decide to walk today? Thankfully San Diego is home to some of the best communities and neighborhoods to take your dog for a walk in. In some communities, such as Santa Luz, you can walk out your front door and have the option of endless walking trails surrounded by nature and wildlife. If you want a change of scenery during your walks then try some of these local trails and walking areas. I’m sure your dog would appreciate the opportunity to explore a new spot! Here are a few of the many amazing places to walk with your dog within the JenLovesPets service area.



Poway, often referred to “the city in the country”, is known for its rural atmosphere. It offers many places to walk and explore in the great outdoors. There are difficult hiking trails up steep mountains, while also offering many leisurely walking trails as well. Sometimes being in Poway you might forget that you’re still in San Diego, a city! One of the best trails to walk with your dog is Blue Sky Ecological Reserve. It’s a true gem of Poway that I was overly happy to discover! You’ll most likely spot butterflies, insects, lizards, and unique herbs/plants marked throughout the trail. It’s the perfect opportunity to take in the beauty of nature while getting in a great walk or jog with your pup. The preserve itself is a flat, 3.7 miles round trip but it also branches off into different hikes that lead up to Lake Ramona and the infamous Potato chip rock, if you’re craving a more vigorous walk. It’s a happening spot for families and their dogs especially this time of the year. There is a water station in the beginning with a large dog bowl so you and your dog can stay hydrated. You’ll run into many dog poop stations and trash cans so you’ll have bags available.


4S Ranch

If you’re looking for well- maintained parks with paved walking trails, then the community of 4S Ranch is definitely a location for you and your dog to check out. One of the best spots to take your leashed dog is Patriot Park. This park consists of paved walking loops in a peaceful environment. There are two loops, a shorter and longer one, as well as a big grassy area. Throughout the loop you can find benches and sitting areas if you want to sit, relax, and take in the beauty of the park. It is extremely welcoming to dogs and you’ll find many people walking or jogging with their dogs here. The many trees are helpful in the summer for providing shade so you and your dog are able to escape the powerful sun. Even more walking trails, the 4S Ranch Parkway Walking Greens, can be found adjacent to this park. The walking greens is another beautiful park full of dog friendly walking loops. It is a fantastic spot worth checking out with your dog!

Best places to walk with your dog in North County San Diego

Rancho Peñasquitos

The Black Mountain Open Space Park is located in the heart of our beloved Rancho Peñasquitos. This open space park offers many trails that are dog friendly! The best part about these walking trails is that there’s all different levels. From easy relaxing walks, to more steep challenging hikes. There are five main trailheads that branch off into different route options. For the best walking experience with your dog I would recommend the “service road” that trails up to the summit. It’s just under 2 miles long and its wide, gravel roads make it easy to walk with your dog. When you get to the top of the road, take in the beautiful views with your dog by your side.



Head over to the newest JenLovesPets service area of Escondido and get your walk on! Escondido is full of fun walking trails that make put you right in the middle of nature. Your dog will enjoy the many acres to explore at Kit Carson Park. There are several walking paths that pass by a few different lakes along the way. The park is huge with lots of space that you even might be able to check out an event there. Just recently Kit Carson Park held the annual Walk for Animals which helps out the San Diego Humane Society! This peaceful spot makes for a perfect daytime walk with your fur baby.

These suggestions are just a few of the many places to get your walk on. Have fun walking with your dog while exploring these locations and any other awesome places you come across!



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