Why we work as a team at JenLovesPets

JenLovesPets is more than just a professional pet care and dog walking company- we are a TEAM! When you allow us to take care of your pets, you are hiring more than just a solo worker. JenLovesPets is a team of pet loving, caring, and professional individuals. We think of JenLovesPets as more of a close family, which includes all our amazing clients- pets and humans. The experience of being part of this family has been amazing, to say the least. It’s the best feeling having fellow animal lovers to work with and grow off of. We learn and improve together. My knowledge and portfolio with pets are constantly growing and I find myself striving to know more! Without being part of this team, I truly don’t believe I would be where I’m at right now.

Every team member has their own unique skill set and individual personality. That’s what makes the JenLovesPets team so great. We all bring something to the table and have different expertise. As pet sitters, we come across lots of types of pets and personalities. If we’re faced with a situation where we’re not 100% sure how to handle, then that can be an uneasy feeling. But it is a huge relief having the team there to give tips or guidance if need be. We’re constantly bouncing ideas off one another and sharing experiences of what has worked best for each of us. As I’m writing this a specific JenLovesPets fur nephew comes to mind. About two years ago an adorable puppy joined our family and we’ve been in love with him ever since! He is a confident, happy boy who loves his weekly midday walks with his JenLovesPets pals. BUT it hasn’t always been this way. Initially, he was a shy, sweet puppy who was fearful of the outdoors, out front in particular. We wanted him to successfully walk around the neighborhood with as little anxiety and fear as possible. One team member was able to get him to walk further and further every time. She shared what worked best for her and the dog and her skills of how to work with dogs with anxiety. We all applied these skills to our daily routine with this dog which leads to successful walks. Fast forward to today and you would never have guessed this dog is the same fearful puppy. He has blossomed into a confident young man who we are so proud of! We would have never been able to achieve this the way we did if it wasn’t for the whole TEAM working together!

Although we are different, one thing is always the same and that’s our quality of work. We do things the JenLovesPets way which allows us to provide your pets with the best possible care. This way you can be confident that the same high-quality care is always given to your pet with any of our team members. The JenLovesPets way is professional. When a problem arises or we come across a difficult situation, we handle it with the utmost professionalism. We all are trained on how to do things a specific way. It could easily become confusing if everyone had their own way of caring for pets that didn’t match up together.

Why we work as a team at JenLovesPets

I am beyond grateful for all the positivity and good vibes the team gives. We support one another in all aspects of life including both our work and personal lives. I know I’m never alone if I feel stuck or confused in a situation. Everyone is willing to help and if I need that support or advice then a person is just a phone call away. There is always a possibility of emergencies happening whether that be a flat tire or becoming injured. Some things you can’t avoid but knowing there is always back up, is such a relief. It takes the stress off our back knowing that the pet we care for will always have someone available to care for them.

We are a pet care team that loves to make our clients happy and be available for them as much as possible. Having more than one person on the team allows us to take on more without overworking ourselves and becoming exhausted. Although pet sitting is a lot of fun, it is a lot of hard work. As a group of natural people pleasers, we strive to take on every client’s request but the last thing we should do is work ourselves into exhaustion. Personal happiness is always important and it can show during work performance. Becoming overworked to the point of unhappiness will most likely show with the pets we care for. But when we’re happy then this positive energy transfers over to the pets!! A happy team and happy pets are goals! With a team, we can accept more job requests from clients without putting too much on one person’s plate. I know that a good work-life personal life balance is always in check when I’m part of the JenLovesPets team.

I am so thankful to be part of such a wonderful, caring team! Working as the JenLovesPets team we can achieve more together in unity!



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