San Diego Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Pet-friendly Places to Hangout this Summer

There are countless perks of living in the beautiful city of San Diego. Of course, we love all the dogs and dog-related activities. Afterall it is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States! San Diego is also home to many awesome and unique restaurants, cafes, and breweries. What better way to enjoy a beverage or bite to eat with your favorite furry companion by your side? As summer and the perfect weather is creeping up, check out some of these happening spots! They can all be found in the JenLovesPets service areas (including Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Peñasquitos, Scripps Ranch, and Carmel Mountain).

Rancho Bernardo is home to many hidden gems in San Diego. The other day I went to the pet store, Kahoots, in the Rancho Bernardo center plaza. I was picking up some cat treats and a bag of food for my little guy. As I was heading to my car, I noticed a cute little café that stood out to me. I don’t usually shop at this Kahoots location but was happy I did because It led me to discover a new favorite spot, 2Good2B Bakery, and Café. 2GOOD2B is located in the Rancho Bernardo center plaza, between Chuze Fitness and Kahoots pet store. Two things stood out the most: the name 2GOOD2B and the huge outdoor seating. The name itself suggests that the food and ingredients are all natural and good for you. What a perfect health-conscious option to explore with your pup after a hike or walk together at one of the many Rancho Bernardo trails. The dog-friendly outdoor patio is large and spacious, so even during a busy afternoon, you will never feel too crowded. Most tables have umbrellas attached to them for extra shade for you and your dog to chill under when the summer sun beats down.

Knotty Barrel is a new and hot spot that opened its doors this year to the Rancho Peñasquitos community. Even though it’s brand new, this restaurant is already becoming well known for its unique dishes and beautiful outdoor seating area. The large outdoor patio is covered in turf and extremely welcoming to families and their beloved furry family members. There’s plenty of room to move around and play some of the games provided by knotty barrel. Or sit back and relax with a cold beverage for yourself and a water bowl for your pup to sip from. Not to mention the large fire pits add points towards the ambiance factor.

San Diego Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Hop on over down the road to Scripps Ranch very own Board and Brew. This “sandwich joint” is the ultimate summer hangout spot for you to stop by with your friends, family, and your dog of course! When you arrive, head to the back into the large outdoor patio with your furry lunch date. There are plenty of dogs with their owners hanging out at one of the many patio tables or benches. Board and Brew is known for their delicious sandwiches from turkey club to the veggie supreme to baked ham. But be warned- your dog might be drooling tableside for a small piece of your sandwich!

Second Chance Beer Company in the Carmel Mountain business building area is the hip, fun environment that San Diego is known for. After all, this hang out spot screams San Diego culture all over it AKA dogs and beer! This spacious warehouse is full of tables and comfy couches where locals gather with their dogs and friends to enjoy a cold beer while socializing and playing games, too. The interior is completely dog-friendly and the staff is beyond welcoming to the pets. Just a few months ago my friend and I checked out the brewery with her adorable three-year-old German Shepard. We were greeted by one of the owners who came over with a dog treat for her, after asking my friend for permission of course! They provide treats in a glass jar right by the cash register that customers are more than welcome to give to their treat-loving dogs. Another appealing feature of Second Chance is the daily food truck options that stop by out front. There is a food truck and special event schedule posted in the front where you can view which food will be swinging by that day. Some food trucks even have dog-friendly options and treats!

With the many pet-friendly bumpin’ spots in San Diego, you’ll be sure to find your favorite this summer! So why not balance out your summer plans from trips to the dog beach, hikes, walks in the park, and other outdoor activities to relaxation at one of these pet-friendly patios!





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