Making a Splash with your Dog this Summer

What do people usually think of when they hear “Summer activity”? Swimming of course!!! The hot summer days are almost unbearable without being in some sort of body of water. This summer you may find yourself at a dog beach or sitting in an inflatable kiddy sized pool- but both are ways to cool down nonetheless! What’s so great about swimming is that it can be enjoyed by both humans and our dogs!

Most dogs love to swim!

It’s a fun way to cool off. Just like humans, some dogs are natural born swimmers. We swear they’re half fish or mermaid. Then there are some dogs that have more of a difficult time swimming and may not even enjoy getting a drop of water on them. So it shouldn’t just be assumed that all dogs know how to swim. Certain breeds naturally are more prone to becoming more fatigued in general and therefore become tired quick when paddling. The Brachycephalic, or flat face, breeds are sometimes limited when it comes to physical activities due to respiratory issues, having a harder time to breathe. Pugs, English bulldogs, Frenchies, and other similar breeds would benefit from using lifejackets fit to their bodies while swimming. Make sure it’s fitted properly and comfortable for them to wear in the water.


Start Out Small

most dogs love to swimSpend some time teaching your dog in the shallow end of the pool before even attempting the deeper waters. The best way to teach them is being interactive, throw your bathing suit on, and get in there with your dog! It may take time for them to get the hang of it, or they might instantly graduate from little guppy to big shark swimming skills.

Always, always supervise your dogs who are in the water or just simply near big bodies of water. You’ll never want to leave them unattended, even the most experienced doggy swimmers. It’s easy to become fatigued and if you notice they are becoming exhausted, pull your dog out of the water to give them frequent breaks and fresh water from their bowls. Watch them especially close if you’re in the ocean together. The waves can get intense fairly quick so remove your dog if it seems too much. Strong currents can come out of nowhere so don’t wander off from your dog.


Pool and beach water are fun to SWIM in!

Pool and Beach Water are fun to swim inNot only is it beyond yucky to drink that water, but its also just plain unsafe. I’m sure we’ve all had the oh so lovely experience of accidentally getting an unwanted mouthful of pool or beach water. Definitely not fun! Always discourage your dog from drinking any of it. Pool water is full of chemicals and chlorine that are used to keep it clean for everyone. It’s not healthy to consume this water, but we understand sometimes it unfortunately happens. Ocean water can make our dogs sick and dehydrated from the salt. There’s bacteria in the water that we don’t even realize. This can lead to major health issues that are potentially fatal such as kidney failure if enough salt water is swallowed. Have clean water that you bring with you to the beach easily accessible for your dog so they won’t even have the desire to drink the ocean water.

Swimming and water-related activities should be a fun experience for you and your dog! Keep in mind these safety tips as you concur your summer plans!




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