Pet Sitters and Emergencies in San Diego

The summer months are popular travel times for many families. The kids are out of school for the summer and there are good happy vibes in the air!  With lots of people booking vacations and getaways, us professional pet sitters and dog walkers find ourselves busy this time of the year. In some circumstances, pets may be able to join their humans on a vacation, but usually, they get the house to their selves while their awesome pet sitters provide them with lots of love and care.


We strive to provide the best care possible to your furbabies.

It can be extra stressful for pets when their families are away. In order to make them feel at ease and as comfortable as possible, we ask owners to provide us with as much information as possible. This ranges from information regarding your pet’s potty routines, feeding schedules, behavior quirks, medication and dosages, vet information, contact information, and emergency procedures. 


Emergency Contact Information

Pet sitting and spending time with all our fur clients is the best part of our days! Days filled with lots of cuddles, walks, playtime, and all around good times. It’s hard for me to bring up the “dark situations” of pet sitting, but the reality of it is that it’s important to realize that unfortunate things can happen and we want to guarantee your pets will be safe and ok in an emergency situation. Of course, owners and pet sitters should have each other’s contact information. Contact information for neighbors and other emergency contacts is equally as important for us to have. Ideally at least one of the emergency contacts will have a key or a way of entry to the household and pets.

It’s encouraged to openly share your pet sitters contact information with your neighbors. Let any trusted neighbors know that we are going to be caring for your pets while you’re away! Not only neighbors but let your family members and close friends know about your pet sitter. Share their company name, phone number, location, and email address. Even inform them on your travel plans and the dates away.

Be Prepared

Your professional pet sitter and emergency contacts should be aware of the veterinarian office that your pets go to. We always inform the client of anything out of the ordinary or questionable seems to be going on with their pets. Constant communication and contact between clients and sitters aren’t always available so we may have to make that decision to bring your pet to their vet. Also, be aware of what veterinarian office is the closest proximity to the house if the situation is more urgent. 

Tragedy can happen anywhere and anytime. If a horrible situation were to occur while on vacation or even simply your plane gets delayed a day, we will need to know in order to make sure your furbabies are cared for. This is especially necessary for pets that need medications during specific times. If owners are unable to contact us then someone close to them, such as neighbors or family, will be able to. That’s why it is so important that they are aware of your pet sitters and are able to easily reach them.  You can never be too prepared and having all the right information will only be beneficial in every circumstance! A professional pet sitting company will always be there for you and your furbabies. No matter what the situation, your pets will always be protected and cared for.



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