I am a Black Cat

My husband and I just recently adopted a tortoiseshell kitten, if you don’t know what that is, it’s a black cat with specks of orange and tan/white. I noticed as we were browsing all the beautiful kittens up for adoption, that there were quite a few black kittens still yet to be adopted. This got me thinking, why is it so common for black cats to not get adopted? It dawned on me that this may be because people often associate black cats with dark magic, evil, or bad luck. How has this come to be? Why do these superstitions around black cats exist? I believe these stigmas are the reason black cats are the least adoptable. To those who have never known the love of a black cat, let me tell you why these majestic creatures are one of the best to own and love.

A black cats folklore

In the middle ages it was believed that black cats were a witch’s familiar, in better terms, a spirit or demon that takes on an animal shape and serves as a companion to their witch. They were also believed to be actual witches themselves. These events unfortunately would result in many black cats being slaughtered along with their owner who was believed to be a witch. This is how black cats eventually became associated with Halloween, and for as long as I can remember the black cat was the epitome of this beloved holiday. That’s why we still carry this negative outlook on black cats, and why they aren’t given the love they deserve. Despite the negative connotations, black cats can be known for bringing good luck. It is believed in other countries if you cross paths with a black cat it brings you good luck and fortune. They also can bring prosperity if you find one on your porch, or if a black cat walks towards you it will bring you good fortune. But the love of a black cat will alleviate all those superstitions.

A black cats love

All those myths surrounding black cats are the reasons why it’s so hard for black cats to get adopted. But did you know a black cat is the most special pet you can bring home? Let me tell you why.  Black cats are one of the most playful cats. I know from experience with our Elena, she loves to play non-stop. She’ll run around the house with her toys, she’ll even play by herself. Black cats also love to make you laugh with their silly antics, but they also have a personality that will make you smile and leave you feeling warm inside. Black cats are also known to be one of the most affectionate cats, they love to receive all the love you give them. They will build a special bond with their person; a bond that will last forever. They have fur that is silky smooth and oh so soft, which makes it impossible to stop petting them. Not to mention having black fur blends “purrfectly” with black clothing. Now, time for some personal testimonies. I asked a group of people who own or have owned black cats, what makes them the best and most loveable? Many people said that their black cat is the cuddliest cat they have owned, while others said they love their black cats spunky, unique, and charming personality. One testimony comes from my best friend who owns a black cat named Oliver. She says, “We bought Oliver from the animal shelter when he was 5 years old because no one wanted him, he turned out to be the most loveable kitty we have. I can tell he is so grateful that we have him and loves to cuddle with us, he is now 9 years old”. These beautiful felines are just like any other cat and deserve all the love in the world. So, forget those dreadful thoughts associated with black cats and find out for yourself why they make the best pets.  Help a black cat find a loving home by adopting through your local animal shelter, saving one life at a time.



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