Why you should brush your dogs teeth

Brushing our pet’s teeth is often overlooked and is an important part of being a pet parent. It is important to brush your dogs’ teeth, so they do not get inflammation of the gums or teeth. Keeping your pups “K-9’s “healthy is vital to their health and well-being, not just for avoiding bad breath. Dogs can get tooth decay, have pain or sensitivity in their gums and teeth, infection, decay, and even bone loss. In some extreme cases, heart disease can also come about through bad dental hygiene. Regular brushing can help prevent and reduce the amount of plaque involved. To get your pet comfortable with you touching their teeth, try and get them used to you touching their mouth and examining their teeth by giving them praise and perhaps a reward or a treat. Make sure you are well prepared with your tools of the trade when the time comes, whether that be a special Veterinary Health Council approved dog toothpaste or something you find suitable to get rid of plaque and tartar build-up. Some people are more comfortable using their finger for their pooch’s teeth, although it is more common with smaller breeds and isn’t as sufficient. Letting your dog try a tiny bit of the dog approved toothpaste first might make them more comfortable with the process.  It is always important to remember to never use human toothpaste as many brands contain fluoride which is essentially toxic to your pooch. Once your dog Is more comfortable with you and you are prepared, make sure to get into the most comfortable position for you dog, whether that’s being by their side or in front of them. Make sure to not bend over and appear too large and threatening to them in this time of stress. Once you are in a comfortable position make sure to use the proper amount of toothpaste depending on the size of your dog and lift the upper lip to expose their teeth. After this make sure to brush in small circles and get them as squeaky clean as possible. Make sure you pay attention to their gum line and remember to reward your baby with a treat or one of their favorite toys. Words of encouragement and head scratches couldn’t hurt either. Try to brush Fido’s teeth at least once a week or more and you can also supplement with dental bones or dental treats. It is also important to take care of your frisky feline’s fangs, although that is a much more difficult task to do. It is best to start cleaning your cats’ teeth at a young age so they get more used to it and are more comfortable with the whole process .Teeth are often overlooked with people and animals alike but remember it is vital to our companions’ health and vitality !



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