Keeping busy while stuck inside with your pet

There are many ways to keep your pets entertained during this time of social distancing and staying inside.  One thing to look forward to during these uncertain moments is having more quality time to spend with your loved ones and of course your furry friends. With all that extra time, pets might need extra distractions to keep them entertained for hours on end.

You can do fun workouts with your pets like yoga and even YouTube workouts. Utilize staircases for fun retrieval time playing fetch, kind of like a stair master, just be careful you’re not in the way of their rambunctiousness. Your pet will enjoy plenty of playtime with their favorite chew toys, balls, and even some catnip mice for the felines out there. Dental chews and larger treats can keep them occupied for longer periods of time. Dogs especially love using puzzle treats like Kong balls filled with their favorite treats or even peanut butter. Keeping them occupied with special homemade treats is a great way to occupy them and even yourself with the time it takes to prepare and cook them. Pups may even fancy some special ice cube treats. An easy way to treat your pooch is to take no sodium chicken or beef broth and place them in a designated ice cube tray to freeze. This can be a simple and special reward for them, all the while keeping them busy.

Besides going for walks with your pooch throughout the day, you can play fetch in your yard or perhaps throw a tennis ball or frisbee around. It is also the perfect time to teach that old dog some new tricks!  Play games with both your cat and dog like hide and seek, especially with special incentives like treats, having fun hiding them all around for them to find. We all know as a cat owners, that our feline friend can be easily entertained with makeshift toys. Cats especially love to play with shoelace strings, hair ties, and boxes rather than some of their fancy cat towers and plush toys at times. Cats love puzzle toys and slow feeders can be used as a type of game/ reward system as well. Bubbles aren’t only for children; they can also be a great addition in keeping your furry friend occupied. It is so comforting and rewarding to have a pet and if you have the extra space and time, you could always foster more furry friends in these times of need from your local shelter.

Lastly, there’ s nothing like a good old cuddle sesh to end the day with your cat or dog on the couch. I’m sure they would love the extra cuddles during these stressful times and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind them either!



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