Springtime Precautions

With spring rapidly approaching, keep in mind a few things for your pet’s safety. With spring, new plants can pop up. Although many can be beautiful, be mindful of your pet’s behaviors especially when they like doing things like chewing grass. Make sure to keep an eye on them and look out for new plants with a plant guidebook. It’s best to not let your pooch sniff or chew on any plant you are unsure of as it may be toxic.

It is also good to make sure you are using pet friendly cleaning products for all of that spring cleaning you might be doing. More natural products can be safer for not only your pets, but also you.  Many pets are tricky and can figure out ways to jump up on counters or open cabinets. Its important to keep products out of reach or use baby locks on cabinets for prevention.

Keep an eye out for seasonal allergies. Yes, even animals can develop allergies to plants, especially ones like Ragweed. Since dogs are built closer to the ground, they will often get much more exposure to plants than their owner. Dogs will also run in and out of the bushes, through the turf and will roll on the grass and in the leaves. Therefore, you must keep an eye out for your fur baby.  Pollen heavy plants like Ragweed can negatively affect your pooch. Ragweed is a flowering plant that is heavily impacted with pollen and distribute it frequently to flower more plants. A pollen allergy will more likely make a dog scratch and itch instead of getting a runny nose like humans would. Although sometimes pollen can cause your pups eyes to get red or can cause them to sneeze.  It is also important to start flea and tick prevention early to prevent heartworm disease as this time of year can see an influx.  It will save a lot of hassle and stress not only for you, but also avoid unnecessary pain for your pooch.

It is also necessary to make sure to keep springtime sweet and treats out of paws reach as it is common for Easter treats to be out and Fido could be curious. Watch out for candies like gummies which can be harmful to your pet’s intestinal tract, and especially chocolate which is poisonous to them.

Spring can be a beautiful time full of new beginnings and sunshine, so be mindful of these issues ahead of time so you and your pet can enjoy the beauty of spring together!



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