Pet Halloween Costumes

Pet costumes.  What better way to get into the spirit of  Halloween and to get ready for the fall season. Sure, they may not always like it, but our pets love to make us happy and we could all use a little cuteness and laughter in our lives right now. Cats may give you that “look” but secretly they will love looking like the little lion they are. Perhaps even Fido will like repping his outfit and will want to match with you. Whatever the case may be, we love to look at pets all dressed up for the Halloween season.


_Halloween Costumes


The most popular pet costumes in the past are a pumpkin, hot dog, and even a superhero. offers wonderful pet costumes as well as discount stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Maybe you even want to get creative and make your own, there are no rules for Halloween Decor! Our pets are like family, so why not even do a matching theme costume with them. One of my favorites, paying homage to a dog’s lineage is dressing them up as the wolf disguised as a grandmother and the human dressed up as a little red riding hood.  Maybe even get creative with your partner or you being Han Solo or Princess Leia and your furry friend dressing as Chewbacca. Whatever you decide will be perfect, just make sure to be considerate of how your pet feels in the costume and keep an eye on their reactions and body language. It might even be beneficial for some pets in the cold months to come with the extra layers.  There’s nothing cuter than a pet in a costume, so why not celebrate this spooky holiday in style.



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  1. Gerry Koontz

    Very cute and informative. Thank you for the great ideas!


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