Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween can be such an exciting and fun-filled holiday, yet there a few things to keep in mind to keep your pets safe. Beware of Halloween Candies and keep them out of reach of your pets.

We need to be especially careful with chocolate because it is made from the cocoa tree and contains Theobromine and Caffeine. These two substances can be extremely harmful to your Dog and can even cause death if untreated. Animals metabolize chocolate at a much slower rate and cannot process it as readily which makes it toxic to their systems. Although chocolate is not good for animals in any dose, the darker the chocolate it is, the more toxic it becomes.

Even though Xylitol may be better for our teeth and gums, it is toxic to pets when ingested. This is a common sugar substitute found in some candies and gums, which can cause too low of blood sugar, seizures, and can even lead to liver failure.

It is especially important to keep lit candles or Jack o lanterns out of your pets reach as they may think it is a fun toy for them to play with and potentially touch the hot flames. We do not want our mischievous kitties smacking things down and starting a fire or hurting their dainty little paws.

Pet Safety Tips

It is also important to make sure your pet is properly microchipped or has some sort of identification, as it may be more likely they could get spooked from Halloween activities or trick-or-treaters coming to the door and escaping.

Make sure to keep cats inside, especially black ones on Halloween, as tricksters may try to harm them for superstitious practices, although we hope that is not the case! Makes sure your pet is at ease and stays calm in your home because just like with fireworks on the 4th of July, pets may become frightened with all the trickery going on.

These all sound like scary things to look out for, but it is just a reminder as we hope you enjoy this Spooky Holiday with your loved ones and furry friends. We cannot wait to see all of their cute costumes!



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