5 Cat Products Every Cat Needs in their Life

Hello all! I hope to find you in good spirits and hope this year is starting to look up, especially with the holidays approaching. Now, I recently just bought my cats a fun new toy and it got me thinking about what else is out there for cat parents and their feline fur babies. That way you can spoil your fur babies this holiday season. So, I found the top 5 best cat products that your kitty cats may enjoy and even you too!

Cat Dancer Toy

First, let us start with the one I got for my very own fur babies. That is the Cat Dancer Toy! You’re probably wondering what the heck is that? well, it’s a fantastic and fun toy to enjoy with your cat/s. I didn’t even know this thing existed until I was at a client’s house who had kittens. She had an array of toys, but the “cat dancer” caught my attention the most. What is it? well, it is a wire spring toy with paper attached at both ends and you dangle it, while it bounces it will surely catch your feline friends’ eye. It bounces on its own so it can keep your cat/s busy for a while especially if you decide to get the one with the wall mount. My cats absolutely love it, so I know yours will too. Now I know why it is called the cat dancer toy, because the kitties look like their dancing while playing with it! You can find this on Amazon.com, Chewy.com, and Petsmart.com.

Petcube Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera™

This nifty gadget is a camera that allows you to keep an eye on your fur babies when you are not home. Not only does it allow you to check-in, but it also allows you to speak and listen to your pets. So, if you’re missing them while at work or out running errands, you can pop in and say hello and that you miss them. It is funny watching them wonder where their pawrents voice is coming from! When there is activity from your pet such as sound or movement it triggers the camera, and a notification is then sent to you so you can check-in. There are two types of Petcube cameras; you have one that has a laser attached for your furry friends to play with that you can control or you can even set it on Auto to help your fur baby burn some energy. Then there is the Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Camera™, which dispenses yummy treats at your control. You can find these on Amazon.com, Chewy.com, or Petcube.com.

FroliCat™ Dart Interactive Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy

This fun toy is an interactive laser toy. Just power up the stand and your kitties will have fun for hours! Since it is battery operated this toy can deliver endless hours of fun for your fur babies. It helps keep your cat/s mind stimulated, so they do not get bored. Bored cats like to get into mischief and tend to get anxious. But the Frolicat can limit those tendencies. Not just that but delivers tons of exercise to keep them active and healthy. There is an automatic mode that has fun patterns that will have your cat/s running up walls, flying across the floor, or parkouring off furniture. Or you can use the manual mode that allows you to create a fun, creative pattern for your cat/s to enjoy. You can find this fun tech toy on chewy.com, Petco.com, and similar varieties on Amazon.com.

TabCat™ Pet Tracking Collar Cat Locator

The Tabcat™ Pet Tracking Collar is a neat little gadget. It is a small tag you attach to your cat/s collar; it helps locate your cats if he/she ever gets lost. The Tabcat™ is more accurate than the GPS trackers as it uses RF-based directional technology in locating your pets. It offers more range than the average keyring finders and helps find the direction to walk to find your fur baby. The handset provided sends out a series of beeps for when you are getting closer and is color coded to show if you are close or too far. Red-for too far, yellow-getting closer, green-really close. This is a great alternative to GPS trackers. Most GPS trackers are bulky and heavy, they also consume a lot of battery power and can die before you even locate your pet. The accuracy of GPS trackers is used with transmitting location through networks. If you have poor reception or lose signal, then the GPS will not track, and you have less of a chance of locating your cat/s. Also, cats tend to hide in spaces that make them feel safe and with GPS it is hard to pinpoint the location as the signal may get obstructed and lost. Although GPS tracking has its benefits, it does not work well for cats needs. Cats need something light, comfortable, and accurate, so that’s why Tabcat™ is in my Top 5 products every cat needs. You can find this product at tabcat.com or even amazon.com.

Frisco™ 72-inch Cat Tree

Large cat trees like the Frisco™ 72-inch is a fantastic product for your cat/s. It offers a high place for them to lounge or play. Cats tend to like being high up and tall cat trees provide them with that comfort of being able to watch over or hunt. These trees also come with toy attachments that dangle for added fun and enrichment. Along with various scratching posts so your feline friend can scratch away! It is purrrfect for multiple cat households, as it has plenty of room with its multiple tiers and cubbies for nap time. I have one and my cats love it! Rather it be nap time or playtime, I can find them hanging out on their cat tree. You can find these at Chewy.com or find other variants on Amazon.com.

There you have it the top 5 products every cat needs in their life right meow. Perfect gift ideas to spoil your feline companion with this holiday season or to just spoil them in general. I hope this year continues to look up for each and every one of you and that you all have a Happy Halloween!



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