Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving can be a great time to spend with our family and friends all the while reflecting on what we are thankful for. This year has been full of unexpected craziness, so why not take stock in what really matters, being around loved ones, humans, and furry friends alike. Although our pets can add happiness to these festivities, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep them safe.

Some Thanksgiving food can be given to your pets as an extra special treat, while others can be dangerous. Unhealthy festive foods for pets can include anything that has spices added to it. Turkey bones are especially not good for them as they can be too small, and a dog may choke on them. Using shredded turkey or turkey breast can be a safe alternative. Veggies such as, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and apples can be a safe treat for your pet.

Canned Pumpkin with no additives is great for pets because of its digestive benefits. Make sure that it is pure pumpkin with nothing else mixed in. It can aid in digestion for cats and dogs and help with constipation. It is overall healthy for them and can even help with weight loss in some cases. Unseasoned stuffing can also be a delicious snack as long as it is made without garlic or onions. Also, make sure any stuffing or breads given do not have raisins or other dried fruits, as grapes can be toxic to dogs. Uncooked bread dough is also a no-no, as dough may rise and cause stomach issues or become lodged. If you look out for these red flags, Fido or even your feline, can enjoy these Thanksgiving delights!

Pet Safety

It is also important to make sure there are no toxic plants or decorations that your pet could easily get to. Look out for open alcohol beverages as alcohol can be detrimental to your pet’s system. Raw turkey is not safe for them either as it can cause harmful bacteria in your pets’ body. Although it can be cold, make sure it is not in fact raw. Just like with Halloween candy, be on the lookout for sweet treats like chocolates and anything that may have the added sweetener, xylitol.

With many guests over, make sure you give your pet an option of having their own space or area to retreat to, whether that be a cat tower, bed, or separated room. This can help ease any anxiety they may feel and give them a safe place to reside. It can also be helpful to give them a special toy or Kong treat to keep them occupied for many hours during the festivities.

I know the smells will be tempting for your fur babies, which is why it is necessary to keep trash bins closed and out of reach of pets. Keep pets out of the kitchen as they can be an easy target for tripping in a congested area and can keep you from burning dinner or even yourself!

After such a heavy meal, why not take your pup on a walk to digest all that delicious food or play with your cat and their wand toys to burn off those extra calories! Afterwards, you can take a cuddly nap with your pet after eating all those Turkey and rich sides. Tryptophan commence!



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