Feline Grooming and its Importance

Although cats are naturally good at keeping themselves clean, it is still important to brush your cat’s fur regularly. Short-haired cats already do a great job of grooming themselves, yet they still need a good brushing at least once a week to prevent hairballs and to keep their coats looking silky. Long-haired cats especially need grooming ideally once a day to prevent knots and clumps from forming. 

Grooming and its Importance

Regular brushing or combing stimulates and conditions cats’ skin. It can also help prevent mats and control hairballs. It is also a great bonding time for you and your kitty. Always keep the cat’s comfort level in mind before brushing a cat. To avoid stress for your cat and a possible injury to yourself, be sure to introduce grooming gradually. Start with short brushing sessions and see how your cat reacts to it. Many kitties love their face brushed and like to rub their whiskers against it. Offer the cat a treat during or at the end of the brushing session, and always stop immediately if the cat becomes agitated. Try “burrito-ing’ your cat by rolling them up in a towel or blanket so you are better able to clip their paws without hesitation. This also helps immensely when needing to administer medication in their eyes or mouth and bonus, they look super freaking cute wrapped in burrito form!  If you have a picky kitty, make sure to try many different types of combs or brushes. There are even silicone ones and ones that are attached to a glove for easier grooming. If by chance you have a Sphynx, or hairless cat, it is still especially important to keep their skin clean. Although they cannot be brushed, you can use pet cleaning wipes and coconut oil to keep their bare skin looking extra shiny and clean. Keeping your feline groomed is not only healthy for them, but it can be a great bonding moment with them as well.

Best of luck, and happy grooming!



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