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Wow, can you believe it is 2021 already!? I know 2020 was one for the books, so I hope that 2021 will be good to us. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. As we roll into the new year, I figured it is a good opportunity to write a blog on how to use our scheduling software called Time to Pet, whether you are a new client trying to figure out how it works, or a long-term client in need of a refresher or update here is where you will find it. Let us start off with the fact that TTP (Time to Pet) is offered on a mobile platform as an app or you can use the website in any browser including mobile. So, you can either use your phone to access TTP or the computer. 


What is Time to Pet?

TTP is a scheduling software that we use here at JenLovesPets. It helps keep everything organized and in one platform, which comes in handy for us with the various amounts of Clients we have. To sign up for TTP, you go to the JenLovesPets website and click the book online tab, which then it will transfer you over to TTP automatically to sign up and book. Sign up is free! 


Client Portal

The client portal in TTP is where you will have access to scheduling services, invoices, and your info. After you complete the sign-up, you will be directed to the TTP client portal’s Conversation tab. Here you’ll be greeted by a welcome message from our Amazing Founder, Jennifer Taylor. In this welcome message, it will guide you on the next steps for booking, this usually entails a meet and greet service be booked. What is a meet and greet? This is the very first service before beginning pet care. Usually, two team members, Either Jen or the team managers (Tiana or KC) will accompany one of the Team members. This is where we will come to your home, meet you and your pets. We also go over the routine for pet care and where everything is located. This helps us get acquainted with you, the pets, and informs us on where everything is so that when the first visit arrives, we are prepared to give you excellent pet care and make sure your furry friend/s are well taken care of. In the welcome message, you will be guided to complete your profile and pet info in the portal; but we will get to that here in a second. You will be prompted to respond with a date and time you prefer for the intended meet and greet. You can also schedule a phone consult, which then you can discuss important information or go over any questions or concerns you may have about the company or team. 


My Info

This tab is where you will put all your information in. That way we have a hard copy of info to look back on for your pet care. This is also a tab that can be updated as things change such as a move, contacts, or other added info. Here you will enter your primary contact, address, emergency contacts, alarm details, and locations: such as, key, breaker boxes, water shutoff, flashlight, cleaning supplies, inside trash can, outside trash cans, thermostat, and waste disposal. Also, located on the “My Info” tab is billing info, instructions to trash disposal, mail, parking, lights, and plants, along with another section for any added information we may need to know. 



In this tab, you will input all the pet/s you have along with a picture. The picture isn’t mandatory, but we ask that this be added as it helps us visually see who-is-who, especially if you have a multi-pet household and if you have pets that look alike. You will also put the basic details about your pets like their name, type of pet, breed, color, gender, if they are neutered/spayed if they have current vaccinations if the vet has a CC  for emergency purposes if your pet is aggressive, food location, leash location, carrier/crate location (for emergency purposes). In this section, you will also put feeding instructions for each pet, and any additional notes about your pet whether it be behavior or characteristics. You can add new pets as more are added to the family. 



This tab is where you will find the schedule you have requested. You can also request new services; whether that would be a single/multiple requests or packages JLP offers. This is also where you can see all your upcoming or canceled visits.



In this tab, you will find all your open and paid invoices, that way you can keep track of what you owe or the total cost of the services you requested. You can also make a payment or add/update payment methods. 


Help Tab

This tab is extremely useful, it guides you on how to use TimetoPet with pictures and added detail. You can use this tab if you have any trouble navigating the TimetoPet portal. You can also Send a message to Jen through the help tab if you have any further trouble with using the site. 


There you have it, a how-to guide to use TimetoPet. The well-loved software used by JenLovePets. I hope this guide helps newcomers or those that need a little refresher. I wish you all a wonderful 2021 and I will see you next blog. Take care!



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    How to sign staff in and out?
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