DIY Craft: Pet Silhouette Portraits

Hello everyone! It’s time for some pet DIY fun. I know with everyone stuck inside still crafts and projects have been in full swing! I mean we got to stay busy, so we don’t go crazy right? So, let us have some fun and learn how to create pet silhouette portraits of your pets. 

To create these awesome pictures, you’ll need:

  • Any 5×7 picture frame (plain wood one if you want to paint and save some bucks!)
  • Spray paint if using plain wood picture frame (Any color, have fun!)
  • Black Cardstock
  • White Cardstock (or get creative and use a fun or colorful Cardstock)
  • Good pair of scissors
  • Glue/Glue stick

First, you’re going to grab any picture frame. If you want to get a decorative one, go for it! But if you’re wanting to save some buckaroos get a wood frame and some spray paint and paint away! Any color of your choice. You can even try taking this project and making it bigger with bigger frames, but make sure to size the paper choices to match the frame sizes.

DIY Craft Pet Silhouette Portraits

Next, grab a picture of your fur babies. Preferably a side profile (this will work best). Take your picture (make sure to cut the picture so that you can trace it with ease) and trace it onto the black cardstock then take your scissors and cut out the silhouette.

Now, take the cut-out silhouette and the white cardstock, or if you’re feeling crafty and want to spaz up the silhouette portrait, take a patterned or colorful cardstock and use that as your background. Michael’s craft store has a ton of fun cardstocks to chose from. Take the silhouette and glue it onto the cardstock. Make sure to cut the cardstock background to fit into the frame. 

Craft Pet Silhouette Portraits













Lastly, take the portrait and put it into the frame. But make sure the frame is dried if you decided to paint it. Voila! your very own pet silhouette portrait. Such a great way to add your pets into your decor or this even makes a perfect gift for those pet parents/families in your life! 

Pet Silhouette Portraits













Such a fun yet simple DIY. I did this project as well, although I was limited on some of items, I wanted to make this project with what I had on hand to show that this project is so easy! I didn’t have any fun cardstocks on hand, but I did have some cute glitter letters, so I decided to add one to add some pizzaz! I also didn’t have spray paint, but I did have a spare picture frame on hand that I used. Such an easy project and you can literally take this project and do whatever you want with it. Whether you keep the classic look or have fun and dress it up, this project is for everyone! Gather the family and craft away. We’d love to see the finish products, so if you try this fun DIY, please tag us on Instagram @ jen_loves_pets.



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