Why Your Dog Shakes

Dogs are very smart creatures. They instinctively show certain behaviors but also pick-up other traits from their mother at a young age. Shaking is one of those behaviors. This “Shake off” behavior is your dog’s response to dealing with stress. Instead of freaking out when something scary occurs, he shakes it off. Usually, “shake offs” happen once a dog stops playing roughly with another dog, after meeting another dog, or during certain human interactions.

If you have ever given your dog a bath, you will know they also shake once they have gotten wet. This is the best way to get the majority of water out of their fur. A dog has an instinct to shake when they are wet. The water can make them feel cold which is why shaking off the excess water becomes useful. While many dogs can grow to like being groomed, some may give themselves a shake once the experience is over. It is just their way of settling back down and getting back to themselves again.

Your Dog Shakes

If you have ever watched your dog playing with other pups, you will probably have seen it give the unusual shake every now and then. This happens when they have been rolling around and playing in the grass. Your dog will get up and give itself a shake simply to sort its fur out and get rid of any debris that may have got caught in its coat.

Many dogs may become anxious in certain situations. When this happens, they often will shake continually to show their discomfort. If this is the case, watch out for any patterns that are making them nervous. Fireworks or thunder could be a few of those reasons.  Learning your dog’s traditional behavior is the best way in identifying why they are shaking. 



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