Day in the Life of a House Cat

It is February 26th, 2021. Here I am in a cozy ball on my paw-rents warm, cozy bed. Suddenly I get this intense rush of hunger come over me. Of course, this tenacious appetite will not appease itself. So, the only way I know best to awaken my paw-rents is to belt the song of my people. Thus, after I scream at the top of my lungs, the paw-rents have awoken!

Alas, I will not starve! After I have had my morning feast, it is my bathing time. I find the sunniest spot in the palace and get to bathing, making sure I get every bit of left-over kibbles off my snout. After filling my belly with my morning feast and my bath, I have come down with a terrible sleepiness so I must rest. I return to my cozy spot on my paw-rents bed and sleep away. As time goes by, I am ready to wake from my slumber. I stand and give a big, glorious stretch to help loosen the limbs. Once I am up, I go to the watering bowl and take a nice big gulp to quench my thirst after such a long sleep. Then, I do not know what comes over me, but I get a tingling sensation of energy, and an insatiable urge to bolt around the house like a mad man. Of course, this gets my siblings in a tizzy too.

in the Life of a House Cat

So, now not only am I running around like a child who had too much sugar, but now my siblings are too. Ah, such a cherished past time. Not to mention it annoys our hu-mom and that makes us laugh. After our sudden bursts of energy, I feel this innate urge of hunger ravel over me. It has begun, time to sing the song of my felines at the top of my lungs to let my hu-mom know I am hungry. She sighs in annoyance because to her I am a never-ending eating machine, and she is certainly not wrong. After I eat my last meal of the day, I lick my paws in content now that I am happily full. Just like clockwork, I yawn with tiredness and it is time to sleep yet again.

the Life of a House Cat

As I enjoy another cat nap, I dream of beautiful catnip filled fields and a tuna feast fit for a king. After waking from my deep slumber, I feel rejuvenated and ready for a new day. Unbeknownst to me it is still the same day, I shake my head in disappointment. I share my disbelief by yowling at the top of my lungs, until my hu-mom consoles me with her warm hugs and caring pets. I purr in appreciation for her comforting me in my time of need. Although I love to annoy my hu-mom majority of the time, I sure do love her so and I knows she loves me and my siblings just as much. Without her and our hu-dad, we would not be the happy kitties we are today. So, there you have it folks, a day in the life of a house cat. Quite exciting isn’t it? And I would not have it any other way. I bid you all farewell. Maybe next time you will hear from one of my siblings and how they spend their day. But for now, I must go. Take care all of you magnificent hoomans and stay safe. 

With Love, 

Elijah, The enormous & lazy house cat



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