How to Prevent your Pets from Destroying your Houseplants

With everyone being stuck inside for over a year, many people have acquired new hobbies and habits. One of the most popular ones would be shopping for new, exciting plants. With all these new plants making our homes look like beautiful jungles, there have been a few annoying occurrences. My friends and roommate’s cats will not stop snacking on these new plants. Many of them may not be harmful, yet some can be bad for your cat’s health. If your pet does in fact ingest these toxic botanicals it can result in costly trips to the vet and the possibility of consuming poisonous toxins. It is important to keep a close eye on them and try to prevent your cat or dog from chewing and swallowing them. Doing so will keep your fur babies healthy and your plant pets looking strong and green. With Spring and Summer fastly approaching, green plants will be everywhere, so it is best to know ways to prevent your pet from eating them. It is also important to be careful of all the poisonous plants that could be lurking in your garden. Staying informed and alert can prevent your pets from injury and will still allow you to be surrounded by beautiful greenery.

How to Prevent your Pets from Destroying your Houseplants

Cats hate the smell of citrus, so why not try throwing in a lemon or orange peel into the soil of your plants. Make sure to not use concentrated or essential oils as they can be toxic to your pet. Even spraying a non-toxic spray such as diluted vinegar or a bitter apple spray can do wonders in preventing your pet from wanting to chew on these plants. Since it is impossible to keep an eye on your pet 24/7, it is important to place your plants strategically around the house. Bathrooms are great places for plants, around baths and showers for an added bathing in Bali feel. Try putting them in hard-to-reach places, high on shelves, where your pets are less likely to reach them. You can also try placing them in rooms and spaces your pet is not allowed into or where doors can be shut. Try placing it in a hanging plant pot as well, not only will your pet be unable to reach it, but it will also look super cute hanging in that new pot! Hanging planters will ensure your plants are elevated enough from becoming a fun snack. Divert your pets’ attention from your plants by giving them a more attractive option to chew on. Plants like basil, chamomile, thyme, and mint are safe to eat and give your pet that plant-eating satisfaction they are looking for.



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