Spring In San Diego- Dangers to be aware of

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Keeping your furbabies happy and healthy in the Spring in San Diego- Dangers to be aware of.

Ah yes, springtime has finally arrived in San Diego! The flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and holidays are being celebrated. Many of us look forward to this exciting time of the year- our pets too! Longer, brighter days could mean more trips to the dog parks and more opportunities for walking. Can I get a woof woof?! With all the fun and exciting things happening, it is important to be mindful of the dangers that also sprung with Spring. As pet owners and lovers we must constantly be aware of these risks occurring both inside and outside of our homes.

Easter Lilies
A popular gift when it comes to this holiday. Yes- they may be beautiful but these plants/flowers are not safe for cats. In fact, they are extremely dangerous and toxic to our furbabies. Cats are curious animals- and if there are life-threatening plants or flowers in the house, such as lilies, then they will find a way to get to them-even in the most hidden or secretive spots. They are not worth the risk of your kitty going into kidney failure and possible death.

Chocolate Bunnies
It’s a given that almost every Easter basket will have a chocolate bunny wrapped inside of it! Easter is a huge holiday for chocolates and the Easter bunny tends to leave kids with tons of chocolate. When it comes to our pets, chocolate should always be out of reach and never ever ingested. As many of us know, chocolate is deadly to our beloved fur children, so it is extremely important to keep any chocolate far, far out of reach.

BEE Aware
Since the weather is getting warmer, the buzzing is only getting louder. Bees will be hanging out in and around bushes or flowers. Sometimes we don’t even see them- it’s as if they come flying full speed out of nowhere! As JLP dog walkers, we know that dogs are naturally curious and gravitate towards bushes to sniff all the new smells of the season. However, it is an important part of our job to ALWAYS be on the lookout for bees and to never let the pups get too close to bushes or flowers. Some pets are allergic to bee stings- if you witness or suspect your pet got stung then please seek immediate medical attention.

As a San Diego dog walking/pet sitting company, the dangers of rattlesnakes is not a surprise. They are common and with thewarmer weather creeping up, so are they. The JLP team is always on guard and paying close attention to the environment when walking dogs or even during playtime in a fenced backyard. Sometimes snakes are easily spotted, but other times they blend in and are hard to see in the grass. Whether you’re taking your pup on a hiking trail, playing fetch in the yard, or walking through the neighborhood, please always be aware of snakes. If bitten, stay calm and bring your pet to the closest animal hospital right away.


Spring Cleaning
It’s that time of the year again where many of us start to give our homes that long awaited, deep cleaning that it deserves. More cleaning means more potentially harmful chemicals in the air. Certain harsh ingredients in some cleaners are unsafe for our pets that ingest or come in contact with them. Please watch out for these common, harmful chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, phthalates, glycol ethers, and many more. Consider safer, more natural options that are just as effective! A fun little DIY cleaner I always have on hand is a spray bottle with:

Distilled white vinegar
Warm distilled water
A few drops of Lemon essential oil

It will have your house smelling clean and keeping your pet healthy. ☺

This is an exciting, happy time of the year so lets keep our furbabies as safe as can be! Always be aware and keep an eye out for any concerning symptoms or changes. Please remember to have the number of your closest Vet handy at all times in case of any emergencies.


Written by Jill, Pet Care Professional, JenLovesPets


Benefits of Hiring A Professional Dog Walking Company

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Dog Smiles! Happy dog is a happy owner.

Dog Smiles! Happy dog is a happy owner.

JenLovesPets has served Rancho Penasquitos (the jewel of San Diego) and surrounding areas since 2010. We’ve walked over 350 dogs and have come to understand why pet parents prefer to hire professional dog walking companies.

Benefits for Dogs:

*break up the day with fun and play
*release pinned up energy
*lose weight or maintain a healthy weight
*continue basic training and manners


Nothing like a good walk on a beautiful San Diego day!

Nothing like a good walk on a beautiful San Diego day!

Benefits for you:

*peace of mind; a loving professional will be there for your baby
*professional dog walkers are there rain or shine and holidays if warranted
*no need to rush home
*no more guilt of leaving your fur baby indoors all day!
*your pup will have even better manners
*once you’ve established a relationship your professional dog walker will be there in case of an emergency
*invited to a last minute show or dinner? Call on your dog walker!


Professional Dog Walking

Professional Dog Walking

Should you hire a professional dog walker? 

If you have a dog: YES!


What is a Professional Dog Walker?

A professional dog walker is one that has that is pet CPR & first aid trained, is with a company that is licensed or bonded or themselves are licensed.

A professional dog walker or a professional dog walking company (like JenLovesPets) is registered with the city and has a business license and an EIN number. —Honestly most people don’t care about this, but it’s important because it shows corners are not cut. If someone cuts corners legally do you think they might cut corners in pet care?

A professional company spends a lot time vetting their employees with a thorough background check, reference check, many hours of training and pet courses.

It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it!

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it!

A professional understands dog walking is not easy money. It’s the best job ever!! But not easy. Professionals have eyes like a hawk watching their surroundings, reflexes like a boxer in an effort to protect their clients, and a mind sharp as a samurai sword for quick decision making and common sense managing.

A professional dog walker is reliable, loving, caring, has an emergency plan, is educated in all things pets and constantly learning

Or should I hire a Professional Dog Walking Company?


YES! It’s preferred! 

The JenLovesPets team loves those doggie smiles!

The JenLovesPets team loves those doggie smiles!

There are amazing solo professional dog walkers in San Diego, the problem is making sure one has a reliable back up in case of an emergency. From an ex professional solo walker this was important and stressful as I was constantly working on an emergency plan and back up if needed. Now that JenLovesPets has a team of professional dog walkers we’ve perfected our emergency and back up plans.

When hiring a professional dog walking company you want to check their online presence —aka: reviews and social media. Every once in a while we’re asked for references and I tell new JLP family members the best and ALL references are found online with the review sites. Anytime someone gives references they’re always going to be filtered, best to get ones that aren’t.

You also want to make sure the company is licensed (legally allowed to do business in your city) insured and bonded and does the company have a contract or terms and conditions?

If you have special concerns or your fur baby has special needs you want to discuss that on the initial phone call to make sure the professional dog walking company is able to accommodate.

CAUTION! When hiring a professional dog walking company you want to stay local. There are Uber like apps and Amazon like websites that are not ideal for the dog parent or dogs. They aren’t sites true professionals are associated with. 

A good game of fetch does the job too!

A good game of fetch does the job too!

When hiring a professional dog walking company you’ll be asked to set up a meet n greet. It’s approximately 30 minutes and is an ideal time to go over the routine and special needs and quirks in more detail in your home. JenLovesPets usually sets up a meet n greet after spending a good amount of time on the phone to make sure we’re a good fit. Once we’re sure both of us would like to continue it’s meet n greet time! We schedule a visit with the owner (myself AKA Auntie Jen) and another team member to make sure we have all the info we need and to give you the new JLP family member a bigger picture of our team.

Now that you know you need to hire a professional dog walking company, JenLovesPets has a few openings for dog walking in the following areas:

Rancho Penasquitos, Torrey Highlands, Santaluz, DelSur, 4SRanch, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Scripps Ranch, and Mira Mesa

Meet our team HERE

And register HERE

Feel free to ask questions below! We look forward to hearing from you! 

My Veterinarian Made A Mistake — Rx Mistake

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I should have my head buried in keys right now…but instead I find myself writing about a veterinarian mistake. Maybe to calm me down? Or maybe to help someone else. So pre key rehab must be on pause.

She isn’t feeling well

Angel wasn’t feeling well so we took her in to see our trusted veterinarian. We love our vet; they’ve taken really good care of her and all our other pets minus Tango; he’s fearful and in turns scares the stuff out the team there so he goes to another. The Dr told us she seems hydrated, heart murmur is still at level 3, and seems fine other than the not eating and losing 2 pounds in a few months. (that’s a lot for a little kitty) So she gave us an appetite stimulate

Off to the vet together. You know Angel isn’t feeling well because these two are nemesis.

and did a full chemistry panel including a thyroid test to check her levels since she’s hyperthyroid.

Thankfully the stimulant worked, Dishion; my son wasn’t happy being woken up in the middle of the night for food but glad she ate!

I got a call at 8am, practically as soon as the veterinarian office opened….I knew something wasn’t right because they never call that early. Her blood work came back fine….even her kidney levels — and that was our concern since she also has kidney disease. BUT her thyroid was over 20 and should be 5ish. The vet says it’s like she isn’t even getting her medication. I told her we’re giving it to her twice day and asked if it could be the new brand of pill


we have.

You see; I picked up the new bottle in December and started her on it around the 20th. When I opened it I noticed it was no longer a white round pill but an oval/squared edged pill with 0|5 on it. I thought about calling the vet to see why they changed brands out of curiosity but figured I’m too nosey and left it alone. Today…right now…I’m kicking myself for not following up.

The veterinarian said they haven’t changed brands and the pill has always been round and white.

My heart drops. What the #@$% have I been giving my baby?

I calm myself before going into the office to show them what I have and pick up the correct meds. I don’t want to go off on them…I have before (incident with Tango) and hated myself for it. The staff really is amazing. And

My look when I realized how deadly this mistake could have been

besides…we (JLP) have made mistakes too. It happens, nothing is full proof. I get in the “where do we go from here” mindset and head on up there.

Evidently they gave Angel a dog’s hypothyroid pill instead of a cat’s hyperthyroid pill. Upon hearing this I just cried. What did that do to her, to her heart? We were discussing euthanasia because of this last episode. We thought this was it!!!! So I just cried.

The Dr is doing everything they can to find it what happened and will make it up to us and ensure it will never happened again. I just want Angel ok. I don’t want any adverse effects to her heath — worse than it already is.

I got home and gave her the correct pill and sat to write this.

The veterinarians and staff love animals. They never want to make mistakes like this and it obviously wasn’t done on purpose. The problem? This mistake could have been a deadly mistake. I’m aware of it,

What I wanted to do…but I cried.

they’re aware of it. But it didn’t turn deadly. Thank goodness I mentioned the new shape of the pill and thank goodness the vet suggested blood work yesterday.

The lesson? Don’t just assume the “new” pill is a new brand. Double check with your vet and even your pharmacist handing you your meds. There was a show or something on the news a long time ago suggesting you double check your meds all the time and I blew it off…I mean really that’ll never happen right? So I found a few websites that can help identify pills (please note this is a database for human medications only. Currently there is NOT a drug database for pets. BUT WE NEED ONE!):

Drugs.com: https://www.drugs.com/pill_identification.html

Good Rx: https://www.goodrx.com/pill-identifier

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the pill they gave Angel last month…I’m going by what they said that pill was. And accepting their apology. But I will check every single pill from now on. With all my dogs and cats and my family.

Chillin, a relieved cat now.

Let me be very clear, I’m not bashing my vet or anyone who has made a mistake. It would be hypocritical. I’m extremely thankful for their response and acknowledgment of the mistake. That’s integrity!

I do wonder what the process is for filling prescriptions there or any facility handing our medication? I’ll ask and maybe suggest there should always be a two person verification for prescription and pill to make sure the correct medication is prescribed and the correct medication is filled.

Hug your fur babies! Double check everything they take! Angel WILL make it to 18 this year!!!! Darn it!

Have you experienced anything similar? How did you handle it? 


Grieving The Loss Of A Pet – Pet Loss Support Group

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“Family, friends, and society don’t always understand how drastically the loss of a pet can affect us, and can find it difficult to support the grief we often feel. Our Pet Loss Support Group provides an environment where thoughts and emotions can be shared and feelings of grief are understood and validated. Our Pet Loss Support group is facilitated by a licensed, clinical social worker.” ~ San Diego Humane Society 


I just got off the phone with an “almost” client who I met once to care for her fur baby Sushi. She ended up not needing our services but has been a registered clients. She responded to our email we sent out the other evening saying Sushi had passed away and was wanting to talk. She was suffering Pet Loss.

Immediately I felt her pain; been there! So I called her and after talking a little bit we both cried. It’s been a few months since Sushi passed away but she was still having a difficult time. She says the guilt is overwhelming, she keeps going over everything in her head and thinking “If I had done this or that she’d still be alive” I listened to her, and remembered the time I met them. It was obvious Sushi was tired, I could tell she was holding on and being strong for Mom.

Sushi’s Mom is an amazing cat Mom! I won’t go into the details but she did everything for Sushi; medically, personally, etc. But in grief and self doubt we’ll believe it wasn’t good enough. I reminded her how great she was to Sushi and I told her Sushi was alive for as long as she was for because of her and for her. She got her strength to live from Mom. She would have let go awhile ago if it wasn’t for Mom’s love.

My almost client gasped and said the night before Sushi passed away she whispered to her “I will always love you, no matter what. It’s ok” as if to say if she was ready she could cross the Rainbow Bridge. I cried. What an amazing and unselfish gift to give Sushi! Then next morning Sushi crossed. I reminded her to stand in that truth, to remember Sushi chose to hang in there for you, and passed away with your permission. “You gave her a gift”

I also told her guilt is horrible, it eats at our souls and we have to let it just wash off of us when we start to feel it. She asked “How?! How do you just STOP feeling it. Just say STOP IT! Because that’s what I keep trying to do” I told her “No, you can’t. I’m great at beating myself up and then beating myself up for beating myself up. But what helps is remembering the pain she was in. Cancer is extremely painful, pancreatitis is probably just as if not more painful, chemo is horrible on the body. Sushi hung in there through all that for you because of your bond but now she has no pain. She is just pure painless love watching over you. You’ll feel her. You know those times you see or hear something move in her spots? Or catch a whiff of her? That’s her reminding you she’s still there with you. Just out, all around now and not trapped in her little pained body”

My heart aches for her, but it fills with joy knowing Sushi is in a better place. I’m so glad I was able to help her even for just a moment. To my “almost client”, if you’re reading this, please know I’m thankful for you and your time today on the phone. Thank you for allowing me to bring some peace.

Those who are struggling with Pet Loss here in San Diego there’s a Pet Loss Support Group through the San Diego Humane Society (Gaines Rd). My wonderful “almost” client told me she has been attending. Wow! What a great way to help those of us that suffer from Pet Loss Grief. So thankful she told me about and now I want to share it with everyone!

Inspire Compassion

San Diego Humane Society

For some reason beyond my comprehension the grief in losing a pet can be far worse than losing a loved human. Take a look at the SAN DIEGO HUMANE SOCIETY PET LOSS PAGE. There’s also a link to their CALENDAR for you to see the dates and times of the support group meetups and it offers additional resources to overcome pet loss grief. You don’t have to struggle alone, you are not alone. Pet Loss grief is real, it’s common but it doesn’t have to eat away at our souls.  


Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers vs Tech Companies

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JenLovesPets was born in 2010. We started off as a solo sitter for emotional, mental, and physical therapy and quickly grew to over 450 clients and 8 professional pet sitters and dog walkers as employees. We’ve had over 450 meet n greets and combined over 80 years of pet care experience.

I’m so proud to work with this group of team members! With our passion and pet CPR & First Aid Training we’ve proven to be the best in north San Diego (more specifically the Rancho Penasquitos (and an 8mile radius) area.

I expect the best pet care =)

I expect the best pet care =)

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of, well…most likely everyone reading this have heard of Rover, DogVacay and/or Wag! They’re pretty much trying to take over the pet sitting, dog walking, and boarding market. From a business stand point Rover is rocking it and have left the others in the dust. Their money is never ending and their marketing is amazing!

But. That doesn’t make them professional pet sitters. I cringe when I hear “My dog walker is Rover” or “We use Rover pet sitters” I’ve seen it on Facebook, Nextdoor and other social media sites.



These tech companies allow anyone to join their sites. Anyone can be taking care of your fur babies. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think most people have good intentions but good intentions usually does not save a life or prevent something drastic.

San Diego Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Yelp Review

San Diego Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Yelp Review

Experience and knowledge mixed with passion and care in a legal business that have true employees will always be the best option for pet care. Not saying emergencies don’t happen but when they do you want a team of professionals handling them to prevent unnecessary stress on you and your babies. You want a professional team in a local professional business. A business with the proper license and insurance in case something happens.

JenLovesPets’ pet sitters complete Pet CPR & First Aid Training, weeks of shadow and hands on training by myself and our leads. We use a scheduling and note system that keeps us all in the loop while caring for your pets. When you’re on vacation or at work you receive an email every time we check in on your baby with cute notes and pictures so you’ll never be in the dark. It’s constant contact!

San Diego Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Yelp Review

San Diego Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Yelp Review

As I type this I’m trying to decide if I want to tell you the horror stories some of my clients have gone through while using these tech companies. Or some of the stories I’ve heard on the news or within the multiple pet sitter networking groups I belong to. Accidents and mistakes can happen to anyone, trust me we’ve made our own. The difference is you open yourself up to more of a horror story when using hobbyists from these sites. More than half of these pet lovers don’t have the training to handle serious situations, they don’t have the legal responsibility to care for your pets properly. Ok….so on that note I will tell one story. A fellow pet sitter’s Aunt used Rover (to her dismay) and days into the service the dog went missing. Years later that fur baby has never been found. The Rover hobbyist did nothing to help find the pup; absolutely nothing. Rover did nothing. And because Rover is not a pet sitting company just a tech company (a huge tech company) the effects of their mistake was non existent except to the pup and her parents.

After caring for over 500 dogs and cats in San Diego I’m confident I can say “We

Aint this the truth? You don't want a Rover hobbyist!

Aint this the truth? You don’t want a Rover hobbyist!

know what you as a pet parent and what your fur babies want” and I don’t think it’s just cheap pet care.

I don’t consider these tech companies as competition (and I hope no other professional pet sitter does as well) however I am concerned for our fur babies and pet parents. I feel as a professional I’m obligated to you; to let you know the dangers in not hiring professionals. Side Note: I know you can find sitters and walkers in these sites that are upscale but it’s a lottery and do you really want to play the lottery with your pets? or Russian Roulette? I know, you don’t. That’s why we’re here for you!

As I said above I’m so proud of our team. Take a look at the About Page and get to know us a bit and if you live in our service area (Rancho Penasquitos, Mira Mesa, Torrey Highlands, Santaluz, 4SRanch, Del Sur, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Poway, and Scripps Ranch) please register as a new client so we can get to know you and your babies!


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So…you want a puppy?! YES!
I think they are a blessing and a love to have around but not everyone is able.




Puppies are adorable, they melt the most hardened hearts but they are also terrors. They are little raptors wrapped in fur. They are babies but a hell of a lot more work.

They need to be taught a feeding routine, need potty training, may whine all night wanting to be with you. THEY WANT TO BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME

Puppies eat everything


They eat shoes, curtains, couches, chairs, pillows, computers, remotes, white out, pens, socks, underwear. Yes they eat underwear, that’s their favorite snack especially if they’re dirty.
They dig, dig in dirt, dig in carpet, on the walls. Did I tell you they EAT? Like everything?

Do you have a back up plan if the puppy is howling during the day while you’re at work?

Puppies need training, they need to be taught where to potty, to alert that they need to potty, they need to be taught leave it, drop it, come, sit, stay. They need to be taught how to walk on a leash, need to be

Puppy Smiles

socialized around people and other dogs.

(Notice I’m saying they “need to be taught” not “they need to learn” because it’s all on YOU to teach them. They will not automatically get it.

Puppies need potty breaks during the day while you’re at work. Young puppies (12 weeks) need to potty every 3 hours at the most. So you’ll need a dog walker to care for them.

$$$$ Do you have $$$$ ???? Because they need vaccinations, spay or neutered. Vet money for the late night vet visits….and YES you will have them especially if you’re a first time dog parent. They need parasite prevention; most are monthly treatments and

Walking dogs with treats help with distractions

they need baths and nail trims.

Exercise. Lots of it. Daily walks sometimes twice or three times a day. Are you willing to change your entire schedule for this

puppy? Because you’ll need to!

They need a pet sitter for when you go on vacation…even if you leave for just one night. They need a sitter.


Allergies. Say you get this precious baby and you’re allergic. You start itching, eyes watering, body aches. You’re allergic to your new baby….even though you’ve never been allergic before. But you’ve never had a dog before either, just played with other pups.

This is probably the most devastating outcome. Heartbreaking. Ideally you would know if you’re allergic ahead of time but…So you have a decision to make, fight against the diagnosis; allergy shots/medications and hope you feel better and develop an immunity or bite the bullet and take the baby back.

Sometimes the best decision is to take the baby back, and sometimes it’s for you to step up. Only you can make that decision.

Older dogs need special care too.

Whatever you choose, please do your homework first. Check yourself, make sure you’re ready to go all in and make a 100%

commitment before the baby goes home with you. Because this raptor dressed in dog fur will grow into the best dog ever with the correct training and guidance but it will also grow old and need more vet and hands on care. And many years later there will be a quality of life question.

Be Ready. Be Informed.

And know: JenLovesPets is there for you when you need those daily check ins, pet sitting, and puppy tips!

What Happens During A Meet N Greet?

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Will you stop by my house so I can show you around and meet my pet?


Professional Pet Sitting Meet N Greet

It’s Meet N Greet Time!

JenLovesPets requires a (30 minute) Meet N Greet to ensure we’re all on the same page. As the business owner I like to have a detailed phone discussion to go over the specifics you’re looking for. I’ll be asking questions about you, your fur babies, and will explain our procedures. Once it’s confirmed you’re ready to book JenLovesPets as your professional pet sitting/dog walking company I’ll ask you to register online and pay the $20 Deposit. 

As of this writing, JenLovesPets is the only pet sitting and dog walking company in our area that requires a $20 deposit for the Meet N Greet. This goes towards your first service as long as it or the meet n greet is not canceled or rescheduled.

Why a deposit?

Great question! And as a solo sitter I did offer free meet n greets but as a business owner and leader to my employees I decided to make sure they’re paid for their time IF something were to happen and you need to cancel/reschedule. Their time is valuable to us. 

Once the registration is completed and the deposit is paid we’ll confirm a time to meet.

Where do we meet?

Leashes for Dog Walks

Where’s the Leash?

It’s best to meet where the pets will be during our service. This is typically your home for pet sitting, dog walking, and overnights. It will allow us to tour the home, see where the feeding stations are, medications, check out fish tanks, bird cages, or any other pets that will be in the home. Plants too! We’ll need to know where the cleaning supplies are, leashes, litter boxes, extra water bowls, poop bags, brooms, and many more! Most importantly we’ll be able to start a bond with your baby(ies). — We’ve had over 400 meet n greets in the past 7 years and every single one of them (minus boarding clients and a few others) we’ve come into the house, said “HI” to the new clients and sat right on the floor to bond with the babies!!!! It’s just our thing, our M.O. lol!

Will I be able to meet our sitter and when is a good time to meet?

Most definitely! Your lead sitter/walker will be there and so will I. We have a team that works closely as back ups to back ups but it’s important that you meet the lead professional. Your lead sitter/walker will be the professional that is first in line to care for your babies, we DO however keep other sitters in line as a back up and yes this does include me =) 

We try to be flexible with the meet n greet times, it depends on your schedule and what you are able to fit in. We will work around your schedule of course keeping in mind that our professionals do have days off. This is why it’s important to plan (at least) a few weeks ahead of the requested service. 

Do you need anything from me?

Keys for a Meet N Greet

Two keys please.

Yes please. We’ll definitely need two house keys, and if there’s a key pad or code we’ll need at least one back up key in case the battery dies or for some reason it fails. 

We’ll also need you to have treats readily available for us to hand out if your fur baby is nervous. We prefer to use yours rather than inadvertently handing out a treat that triggers an allergic reaction.

We’ll also ask that you double check your profile in the scheduling system (Time To Pet) you registered on. The more information you give us the better we’ll be able to step into your shoes in case of an emergency. 

And please, have a list of questions or concerns you may have. We’ll be happy to go over them with you!

NOW, I will ask one more thing of you. PLEASE do not be alarmed if we get all googoo and the baby talk comes out when we meet your pet. We are professionals but our passion does over ride the professionalism occasionally (ok, maybe more than that)! It’s something we have not been able to tame, though you can be assured: A Pet CPR & First Aid trained, professional sitter/walker will be very happy to care for the kiddos with the best training and knowledge we can offer!


Pet Emergency – When The Babies Scare The Heck Out Of You

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Princess Bella

Princess Bella

Last night I got ready for bed kind of late. I had been enjoying the evening watching the sports channel with my husband (sports channel not so much but time with the hubby yes). When I couldn’t take anymore sports I went to get ready for bed and then went back to the living room to show Dwayne something. He was on the floor; panicking a bit, telling Bella to “Get it out, it’s ok get it out”

I saw Bella laying in front of her cubby, struggling to breathe like a fish out of water. I dropped my phone, ran to them, immediately started CPR. She kept stiffening up, then I saw her loose bladder control and was foaming/drooling….She was seizing. I (softly) barked orders for Dwayne to get the other dogs out of the room, lower the tv, grab keys and get dressed. When he returned I had him stay with her while I got dressed.

When I returned to them Bella had recovered slightly and was running from Dwayne and had hid in a corner scared to death. This is common after a seizure. I grabbed a soft blanket, covered her, picked her up and held her. She was covered in urine and saliva, was shivering and whimpering. Her eyes were wide from fear and neurological issues.

These are all common post seizure symptoms.

From what we saw (we don’t know how long she was seizing in her cubby-hubs saw her fall out of it, so he doesn’t know how long it was going on beforehand) her seizure lasted for almost 2 minutes. This was her first one, no other health issues so we took her to the vet immediately. Dwayne drove like a bat out of hell, running every safe red light and breaking a few other minor laws and I called the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley letting them know we were on the way. All the while keeping my voice calm and soft.

When pets seize lights and sounds are magnified, you want to keep everything as soft as possible to help keep them calm. Which is why I’m upset that I didn’t recognize her seizure before I did CPR. That’s the last thing I should have done. Next time in an emergency I’ll remind myself to stop and assess the situation before jumping the gun. I know these things, I practice the basic first aid principals every day at work…I just panicked seeing my little 3 pound baby struggling and my husband scared. ALWAYS STOP, BREATHE, AND THEN ASSESS.

Bella and I about to leave VSH @ Sorrento Valley

Bella and I about to leave VSH @ Sorrento Valley

It’s advised to take your pet to the vet immediately after a first seizure, mainly for them to take a look and draw blood for possible poisoning or symptoms of external issues that caused the seizure. If you wait too long blood work won’t give a clear picture. You also want the vet to check post seizure motor skills.

Bella was still scared by the time we got to the vet, she was so insecure and didn’t want to leave my chest. The vet checked her over, all was well considering and took her to the back to draw blood. We had them do a Chemistry Panel,CBC w/differential and check her blood pressure and went home. Bella was exhausted as were we, but we had to give her a bath and clean up all the urine..this little 3 pounder sure did let out a lot of pee!!!

She slept with us, shivered a lot of the night and woke a little out of sorts. She wouldn’t eat her Honest Kitchen and wouldn’t take treats. Dwayne finally got her to eat some mushy kibble and she perked up when a contractor stopped by to give us a quote for artificial turf in the backyard. (She’s a flirt…and turned it on for him!) Hussy.

Now she’s good. She’s almost back to normal and we have the test results back. She has some abnormalities but nothing too severe. Our plan is to monitor her and if she has another seizure within a month we’ll do more testing.

I’m experienced/trained to handle pet emergencies and have seen a lot, we had a foster dog that I love dearly named Bauer who has epilepsy and took care of him during his big seizures….but when it’s your little princess who has never had a seizure and is suffering and your “manly” husband is panicking it gets to you. Thankfully we were able to get her care and thank goodness most of the blood work was ok. Now hopefully, we won’t have a roller coaster ride of episodes. You never know. But I will keep all updated, to share our experience in hopes to ease others fears and pain.

Pet emergencies scare the heck out of us, they’re our fur babies and we want them to be safe. Knowing what to do in certain circumstances can help ease our fears to be more beneficial and helpful in their care.







Open Letter – A Passionate Pet Person’s Apology

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I’m sorry.

I feel the need to apologize to pet lovers, owners, and just people in general.

“Why? What did you do this time?” You may ask. It isn’t necessarily something I’ve done, it’s something us passionate pet people do ALL THE TIME. We judge. We think everyone should treat their pets exactly the way we treat ours, we think everyone should think and be just like us when it comes to pets. We think everyone should do as we do. Because We Are Right.

We’ve become so passionate that we are now extremely intolerant and just darn right hateful to those that overstep the very thin line we’ve created.

“Jennifer, what are you talking about?!”

Ok, here’s the deal. I’m anti-shock, choke, and prong collar. I don’t think they’re the best way to train or walk a dog. In my opinion they can be easily misused and considered abuse. There are a lot of trainers that swear by them, and say “When used properly they are a great tool” I don’t believe they need to be used EVER…if you have the patience to figure out what the pup needs and works around his needs you can humanely and positively train him.

With that said. I caught myself becoming a little judgmental, thinking I shouldn’t care for the pets that have owners using methods I don’t believe in. I had to reevaluate my thinking and motives. If I cut off those that use these aggressive tools I’ve cut off any ability to help change their thought patterns. If I chastise them or bully them into stopping these methods they’ll just cut me off possibly leaving the pup in the hands of another pet sitter or dog walker that may not go about things in a more positive manner. How would I be able to make a difference then?

Another example. ADOPT DONT SHOP Us passionate pet people are all about adopting and rescuing that we tend to judge those that purchase a pure bred dog or cat from a breeder. We’ve become so intolerant and hateful that we can’t recognize decent, responsible, loving, breeders and pet owners that are doing their best for the pet and or breed. We’ve become so blinded by our passion we’ve publicly shamed those that are not in and don’t deserve to be in the same puppy mill category.

I’m one that talks to my dogs and cat and to all my furclients. And I’m pretty sure they totally understand me and I even imagine them responding back in some form or fashion. I believe all animals have emotions and are very similar to us humans. What I forget is…and we all forget…they do not feel and understand things like we do. This becomes an issue when a family or person needs to re home a pet. Passionate Pet People come out of no where and have to voice their opinion. And usually in a very judgmental way. Those that say “You’re just being lazy and selfish for rehoming” Or those that say” You shouldn’t find someone to take your pet you should relinquish it to a rescue” etc. We’ve become so blinded in our passion that we don’t/can’t see a person’s (or the pet’s) current situation. We have to state our thoughts of how you should do this or that. Or how we would NEVER do this or that. And unfortunately we just don’t SEE you. When did we become so INHUMANE in our humaneness?
The whole pit bull, bully breed, certain dogs ban. That one irks me like you have no idea. Just typing that brought my claws out….Seriously. Are we really that ignorant … Still? See?! See how easy it is to become intolerant and angry? “Woosa” Ok. I do understand peoples fear, those that want to protect their little pups and their human children. But that brings me back to the whole blinded by our passion thingy. I grew up with a step mother from hell. She was a red head. And in my childish mind was evil. For a long time I stayed away from red headed women, and if I came across them I was ready to fight if need be. (really personal I know, but I need to paint a picture) It took many years, almost in my 40s to realize my step mother was only 18 trying to take care of two 7 year olds that weren’t hers and that she was clueless but really trying to be a good wife. We make these judgements by one personal experience or a friend’s personal experience that we don’t recognize how limited our thinking has become. Each dog is different. Each dog has a personality. Each owner is different. There are some (unfortunately a lot of) irresponsible owners but that doesn’t mean every dog of a certain breed is just like this one or two that you may have known or heard of.

And us bully breed advocates. We are there too. We’ve become so hateful to those that fear our babies that we actually can’t see them or their fear. We forgot that we actually have the tools to help those that fear our babies. As long as we don’t isolate and bully.

Crate training..Or NO crate training. This has become a war in certain forums.

Raw diet, kibble diet. Canned Diet. This is a heated subject…and so is Cesar Millan…OMG! I can’t tell you how many times I thought WW3 was on it’s way because of a discussion on CM.

The pet sitter world is oh so judgmental. I won’t tell you how catty us pet sitters can be. We have our opinions and everyone else should think and do just like “me”. We work with pets so much I’m afraid we’ve lost our humanity.

Pet People are passionate. We love our animals. Sometimes we’ve almost become animals within our passion. We’ve alienated our PEOPLE.

We have got to snap out of it.

So I apologize on behalf of all of us Passionate Pet People. Us judgmental pet folks. To those that have become victims of our lashings.

And here’s the kicker. Everyone of us has it buried within to become so passionate you can’t SEE the other.


STOP before you make a comment about your thoughts and opinions. PLEASE don’t alienate those that could honestly use your help.

REEVALUATE your thought patterns and techniques.

Division is not a positive tool and will not help your (our) cause.

That’s my rant for the day. I love you all (with very little acceptation HAHAH!)
And know we can all make a change, we just have to be careful how we go about it. We should be as compassionate to humans as we are to the furkids.

Cat Sitter Talks Cat Box

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Peaches is a sweetie, one that is a bit picky on who he loves

Peaches is a sweetie, one that is a bit picky on who he loves

Ok. Let’s talk the Cat Box. I’m a cat/pet sitter that has scooped at least 150 cat litter boxes in San Diego County, some days I’ve

Ava, a special baby that left us too soon. She watches over her family from above.

Ava, a special baby that left us too soon. She watches over her family from above.

actually scooped so many litter boxes I had litter nose. What’s litter nose? It’s when you look in the mirror and realize your nose hairs have caught the dust of litter and you have white dust all in your nostrils. Let me tell you, that’s the worst!! I have come across many no no’s in litter maintenance and setups and I have seen the best set up you can possibly have for a litter box. I call those best setups a cat sitter’s dream.

Let’s first talk no no’s, the cat sitters nightmare. Cat’s are clean pets and prefer their litter box cleaned at least once a day. I know some cats that prefer twice (trust me they let you know by going outside the box) There have been a few times I’ve walked in and could tell the litter hadn’t been cleaned in a week. That’s my first no no. For your kitties sake – and your cat sitter’s =) clean the litter box at least once a day, maybe at the most every other day.

Patches is a beautiful girl that lets you know if she loves you!

Patches is a beautiful girl that lets you know if she loves you!

On that note, sometimes we don’t clean the litter box like we should because we’re just being lazy. So

setup the litter area where it’s easy to scoop. Some of the best setups I’ve seen:

  • The Litter Genie (cat litter disposal system) sitting right next to the box (with litter mat in front of box) The Genie has a scoop on it’s side and all you have to do is put the litter in the Genie, switch the Genie bag when it’s full. Poof..easy peasy!
  • Litter box (with litter mat in front of box) in its area with the bags and scoop in a container next to it.
  • The box with flushable litter (litter mat in from of box), a small office garbage can next to it with the scoop so you can scoop the poop and litter into the garbage can and take to the toilet – assuming you don’t have the box in the bathroom. Another easy peasy set up! We like The Worlds Best Cat Litter.
  • The Breeze Cat Litter System. This rocks! No litter dust and no tracking of litter, so no mat needed! It’s
    Cali is always up for loving and play!

    Cali is always up for loving and play!

    different and may take time for a cat to transition to if she isn’t used to it. It has pellets in the box with a bottom that allows urine to seep down to the bottom on a pad. All you do is scoop the poop, flush and change the pad out as needed.

Russell is a tomcat for sure. He's a proud boy, and I love him!

Russell is a tomcat for sure. He’s a proud boy, and I love him!

Note, all boxes (but the Breeze System) have a litter mat in front or under the boxes, this helps keep the litter on the mat keeping it from being tracked around the house. The best litter mat I’ve seen is the Purr-fect Paws Litter Mat. You also want to have a little sweeper and dust pan or dust buster in the immediate area to help keep you on track in cleaning. This also helps the cat sitter from needing to search for the cleaning supplies!

Another no no…too little or too much cat litter. Obviously

Chai is a furniece Auntie Jen loves to photograph

Chai is a furniece Auntie Jen loves to photograph

too little cat litter makes the box pretty dirty requiring more cleaning rather than a weekly or biweekly box cleaning. But trust me, there is such thing as too much. Too much litter especially clay litter can break the plastic scooper (a metal scoop is ideal, as long as it’s holes are big enough that you’re not sitting there for 30minutes sifting the litter) Too much litter can also be easily kicked over the box causing a bigger mess than we prefer to clean up. Depending on the kitty three to four inches of litter is perfect! It allows the ones that like to dig and bury to do so and keeps the box clean and it isn’t too high it goes over the box and great for scooping without having to dig too much yourself and unintentionally breaking the pooper scooper.

Tiger is the coolest cat ever! He's more dog and a lot of heart!

Tiger is the coolest cat ever! He’s more dog and a lot of heart!

Maverick is another cool cat, who knows it! He has me at hello!

Maverick is another cool cat, who knows it! He has me at hello!

As far as boxes go, have one large enough for kitty to easily go in and out of and to

make sure they aren’t inadvertently pottying outside the box. I prefer the open box so I don’t hide what’s in it, keeping me on my toes. There’s the new cool dome boxes that aren’t so cool when you can’t seem to get the dome top back on…lol! Us pet sitters don’t care for those, because we end up spending 10 minutes putting the lid back on …. we prefer to spend that time with the kitties. Cat’s see two litter boxes in one room as one box, and those that are territorial can end up having behavior issues. So always

have a box per cat and each box in a different room.

Hmmm, I think that’s enough for now. What about you? Do you have any cat box tricks? What works for you?

Hope you guys enjoyed these pics, they’re just a few of our awesome kitty clients! I wanted to post a pic of all of them but I’m afraid we’d overload the site. Call JenLovesPets at (858)205-8132 if you’re in need of a cat sitter!

Vlad says "Call JenLovesPets!"

Vlad says “Call JenLovesPets!”