Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your services?

JenLovesPets is licensed, insured, and bonded. When you hire JenLovesPets, you hire a team of pet professionals! This allows us to be more available to you and always have someone to care for your pets in case of an emergency. Each of our staff is thoroughly trained and background checked, and we participate in continuous pet education through FetchFind courses. We are all pet CPR and first aid trained through ProPetHero. No more friends and family backing out at the last minute!

What’s the difference between you and the tech companies?

We are a locally and family owned and operated company. We take pride in our community and work hard to advocate for animals within our community! We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We require meet and greets that are usually with two members of our team, so you can get to know us and we learn your pets needs and routine. We hire employees rather than independent contractors, which allows us to have better control and make sure everything is done the JenLovesPets way with our individual flare! All employees are trained and have continuous pet education through FetchFind courses. Staff is all pet CPR and first aid trained, and have a clear background and sex offender check. Our team members are protected by worker’s compensation. We work as a close team and therefore, always have a backup available in case of an emergency. We perform random quality checks as well to make sure our JenLovesPets standard of care is always upheld. Pet care (not money) is our priority! We provide constant contact with us through our portal system. One way we ARE like the tech company is that we have an app. However, there are no bots in our correspondence process, communication goes right to our team!

What are your hours?

Our office hours are from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Our pet sitting and dog walking hours are typically from 6am-9pm.

What areas do you service?

We service Rancho Penasquitos, East Carmel Valley, Torrey Highlands, Santa Luz, Del Sur, 4S Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Poway, Sabre Springs, Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa (zip codes 92129, 92128, 92127, 92126, 92064, 92131) If you don’t see your area, feel free to contact us anyway and if we are able to help, we will!

Do you only care for cats and dogs?

We will care for many different animals! Dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, bearded dragons, chameleons, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, rats and mice, and other exotic pets!

How long are visits?

We offer a few visit lengths to meet the needs of your pet(s). We have 15 minute, 30 minute, and 1 hour visits for our drop in visits. We also offer overnights and 24/7 care (with periodic leave). We also offer customized visit lengths depending on you and your pet’s needs.

Do you use your own leashes and supplies?

We use the client’s leashes and other supplies. This way, your pet is comfortable with the equipment and there is no cross-contamination. We use your cleaning supplies to prevent bringing in any possible allergens and to protect against possible damage of floors or furniture.

What is the process for hiring you?

You can contact JenLovesPets by filling out the form on our website, under contact. Then we will connect on the phone to discuss your needs, concerns, and any questions you have. A JenLovesPets team member will go over our policies and procedures and make sure we are a good fit. When you’re ready to hire JenLovesPets, you’ll create an account in our software program, complete all your information and pet information, and pay the meet and greet deposit.

Why is the meet and greet necessary before you begin caring for my pet?

This is a great chance for us to learn your pet’s routine and where their supplies are, as well as discuss any concerns you may have. This is a good time to make sure we’re all on the same page regarding your pet’s care. We also use this time to collect your keys or other entrance to your home.

How will I know how my pet is doing while I’m away?

You will receive an email after each visit with your pet! These messages include notes from our visit and cute pictures of your pets! You will be able to reply and stay in constant contact with your JenLovesPets team.

What is your weather policy?

We will walk in rain or shine! However, for your dog’s protection, we limit walks during certain times. When is it 95 degrees or higher, we give short potty breaks and continue the rest of our visit with inside play. If it is over 90 degrees with bad air quality, we may also stick to potty breaks. Some dogs are able to handle higher heat, and we may still walk them but stick to shady areas and stay off the blacktop. We ask that you supply a portable doggy water bottle that we can take on the walks for high heat (because we don’t bring supplies that have been used by other dogs to prevent cross-contamination). During Santa Ana winds, we may have to modify walks if the wind is severe and debris may be unsafe. In the case of a wildfire, if the air quality is severe, we will do only potty breaks. We do not walk if there is a volunteer or mandatory evacuation, we will do a potty break if needed and remain inside the rest of our time. We do walk in the rain unless it is sideways rain or lightning. If your pup refuses to walk in the rain, we will modify the walk and have a potty break and play time. We do not walk in hail for your dog’s and our team’s protection. For any weather concerns, we always keep your individual dog in mind. We are especially mindful for senior dogs, puppies, brachycephalic dogs, and dogs with health issues.

How will you discipline my pet, if necessary?

We use positive reinforcement techniques! We will not discipline your pet, but we will redirect them toward more desirable behaviors using treats or praise! If there are any concerns about their behavior, we will contact you first!

What happens in case of an emergency with my pet?

If there is a life or death emergency, we have internal procedures that each team member follows. We will contact you either at the vet or on the way to the vet for these types of emergencies.

If there is a less time-sensitive emergency, we will contact you and discuss the details of our concern and come up with a plan together.

In case of a home emergency, such as a busted water heater, we will address the problem and call you and let you know, and come up with a plan.

In the case of weather emergencies such as fires or earthquakes, we work together as a team to make sure all the pets are safe and sound. We may contact your emergency contacts for them to pick up the pets or bring them to stay safely at our office. We will always be in continuous contact with you in these types of situations.

What is the payment process?

Payment for the meet and greet is due immediately to confirm the time. Payment for services is due before services begin. Late fees are added 7 days after the first day of service. Payment is available with credits cards, check, electronic payment, and PayPal.

Are there any additional costs involved?

The following are subject to additional costs:

Holidays and prime days around holidays

Last minute requests under 48 hours or cancellations under 48 hours

Non-household pets that are added for a particular service

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations under 48 hours are charged in full (no refunds). Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice will be refunded.

For Holidays, payment is charged in full (no refunds)

Our holiday list: Easter Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day thru Sunday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve thru New Year’s Day

What is a typical vacation schedule and routine?

All of our services are customized to your pet’s needs. Each visit includes the world-famous JenLovesPets cuddle-fest, fresh water, food during feeding times, walks when requested, house checks, and treats if allowed!

The minimum number of visits for dogs is 2 per day, we prefer 3 visits for most dogs. The minimum number of visits for cats is one every other day, we prefer daily for most cats. For cats that are 7 years or older, we require daily check-ins unless there is an okay from the vet to do every other day.

I am worried about giving someone access to my home. How am I protected?

JenLovesPets is insured and bonded. Our keys are safely stored and do not have your home information on them, they are tagged and coded in a discreet way. When team members do not have your keys, they are stored in the office key box. Codes for keyless entries are securely stored in our TTP encrypted software, which uses the same level of encryption as a bank.

All of our team members have a clear background and sex offender check.

We welcome cameras inside and outside the home, as long as they are not located in bathrooms or in the bedroom in the case of an overnight visit.

Of course, we also encourage clients to have home and renter’s insurance.

Why do you need 2 copies of my key? If I have keyless entry, why do you need a backup key?

We require 2 copies of your key so that our office has a back-up in case of an emergency. In most cases, we do make copies for each sitter so we are not switching them back and forth. Each copy is discreetly coded and stored safely.

If you have keyless entry, we require a backup key or alternate way to enter in case of an emergency such as a power outage or battery failure.

Do you work with reactive or aggressive dogs (or cats)?
The owner of JenLovesPets; Jennifer is able to care for reactive dogs and cats and certain aggressive ones. The team does not for their safety and the pet’s but Jennifer has extensive experience and is able to care for most as long as their is a behaviorist and/or dog trainer working with the family and pets. Jennifer will work side by side with them to assure the proper care and precautions are given.
Do you work with special needs pets?
We most definitely do! Most of our team members are able to care for dogs and cats that require insulin, medications, wheelchairs, feeding tubes, etc. We’ll ask a lot of questions to make sure we’re the right team for you and your pets.

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