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Sometimes we have to help insist the pups go home with their parents. It's like a dog park with socialized pups and yet proper home manners are kept up. Lot's of romping around, lovefests, and yes we even keep up basic training. Dogs roam free and choose where they sleep at night. Crates are only used if owners prefer.

The JLP family members, or the furnieces and furnephews consists of 3 pound dogs to 250 pound dogs, cats of all sizes, temperaments and breeds, feathered and scaly ones, to rats. We are an eclectic bunch. With a lot of love to give the JenLovesPets crew has the experience and professional insight to care for your pet.

Either as a pack or only one pup this is a guaranteed good time. Perfect for the socialized dog that have a lot of energy and prefer playing with others.

A client favorite, the beach field trips is one of our favorites. The JenLovesPets crew takes a handful of pups with great recall and manners to one of the local dog beaches. Such an enjoyable time for all involved! And you get a tired happy dog in return!

The JenLovesPets crew, furry and non furry walked to help raise money for Breast Cancer. Jennifer actually coordinated and narrated the dog fashion show. We had a ball!

JenLovesPets' friends and family members donated 900 pounds of pet food to the Escondido Humane Society.

To keep the pups from drinking and driving we decided to bring in the new years with a sleepover. Everyone was kept safe and had a blast!

A JenLovesPets young family member was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We walked and raised funds to help find a cure in May of 2012. Brezzi actually raised more funds than the rest of the team!

Born in 2009, she was adopted at 3 ½ months. Brezzi and Jennifer connected immediately, and assisted in the creation of JenLovesPets. Brezzi and Jennifer were inseparable for years, and as a team created Rancho Penasquitos' Premier Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business.

Adopted at 6 weeks of age in 2001 Angel was the guardian of the house in her prime. She is considered a sibling to Dishion, Jennifer's son. A beautiful spunky Main Coon.

Given by a neighbor in 2013 at a year old Bella stole the entire JLP crew's heart instantly. At only 3 pounds she came in and rules the pack. It seems she was meant to be a part of the JLP family.

Adopted in 2011 at 6 months of age Tango was underweight, malnourished and sick with kennel cough. Tango brings a playful fun loving atmosphere to JLP. This guy is always ready to play! He's actually a favorite among the little ones.

Hobo was adopted in 2010 and brings love and life to the pack. A rambunctious westie/maltese with so much love!