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butterfly30 Rave Reviews

She is absolutely fantastic

Jen is tremendous, reliable, trustworthy, and someone that can be counted on completely. From the moment she walks in, you can tell your pet is her top priority.

After two years of being able to bring my pet to work, I was forced to begin keeping him home during the day. On limited notice, Jen took over visiting with my dog daily. She has eased concern considerably, and has done an amazing job. I would recommend her services to anyone. She is absolutely fantastic.


She LOVES her work, and it shows

I feel so fortunate to have found Jen! She comes to my home to take care of my 2 schnauzers. They love her to pieces! One of my dogs could be a bit aggressive, but she won him over within minutes. She is dependable, trustworthy, and a great person. She LOVES her work, and it shows. What impressed me so much on our first meeting was that she came in, greeted me, and then sat on the floor to meet my dogs.

Jen has very fair rates for her service. My dogs thrive on love and attention, so I have her come in the morning and evening, and for an hour in the middle of the day (when I'm out of town), so they can have longer walks, and plenty of time for lovin'. They are calm and content when I come home (which is a sign of the great care they receive from Jen).

My dogs stayed at her home on one occasion (due to home repairs going on while I was out of town). Her husband and son are wonderful with dogs too. They even let my dogs sleep with them at night!!

She leaves my home in the same condition as was when I go on a trip. The water bowls are clean with full water, and she leaves thorough notes of every visit she makes.

I SO recommend Jen! When you meet her (and when your pets meet her) ... I believe you'll want to hire her! She's the best!


Jen is amazing

Jen is amazing. She knows a lot about taking care of dogs, is animal CPR certified, makes sure all the dogs she watches are up to date on immunizations (important) and our 1 year old lab came home so pooped from playing and all the fun that he's still recovering (i.e. sleeping all the time). That's says a lot about a young energy filled dog.


Animal Planet, are you listening?

First impressions? The house and yard are clean clean clean which is amazing because if I ran a Doggie Day Care out of my home, my family would probably call Hoarders on me. Jen is a lovely woman, very friendly and obviously loves what she does. We went over my expectations while Doodles was having his temperament test (insanity play time).

Jen is very well qualified. She obviously loves what she does and just recently has been lucky enough to be able to do it full time. She also trains the dogs in her care! She has a very soothing voice and rewards good behavior with lovies and the occasional treat. Doodles was not only exhausted when he got home, but I think he might be completely housebroken as well! Animal Planet, are you listening? I think you've got a new star on your hands!


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