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We believe in cultivating a happy and healthy relationship for you and your fur baby.

Through all positive methods, and force free training we strive to help you and your pet develop a relationship based on trust and respect. These scientifically based methods allow learning to happen in a kind and effective manner, thus creating an environment of joy and love between you and your pets. This can mean helping your dog learn good manners, learn to potty outside, or even help with aggression or reactivity to strangers. These methods are effective and kind. Our training system will take whatever your goals are and develop a plan that suits your needs. Every home is different, every dog is different, training does not work in a one-size fits all sort of fashion, and we don’t treat it that way!

Puppy Training San Diego

Puppy Training

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re oftentimes more work than we expected. When it comes to puppy training our team will teach your puppy what they need to have the best start in life.

This can include potty training, crate training, socialization with other dogs/humans/locations, as well as help with inappropriate mouthiness and other less-than desirable behaviors.

Problem Behaviors

Problem Behaviors

This can be excessive barking, inappropriate mouthiness, resource guarding, pulling on leash, etc. Our training teaches dogs what they should do, rather than punishing them for undesired behaviors. When you just tell a dog that you don’t want them to exhibit a behavior it doesn’t help them learn what behavior they should do instead, that’s where we come in.

We will help your dog learn what they should be doing and we will teach you how to continue to do so when other situations come up. This training will be applicable for the whole life of the dog, not just their time with the trainer.

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Teaching our dogs manners is one of the most important ways to ensure positive cohabitation. We expect our fellow humans to be polite, it’s no different with our dogs.

Basic obedience will teach our dogs how rewarding it is to be polite! This ensures a well-mannered and well-rounded dog.

In person/virtual sessions

In person/virtual sessions

These are 1 hour sessions where you have access to our trainer’s undivided attention and they will help whatever problem areas you have with your dog.

Training as an additive

Training as an additive

Get training sessions added to your regularly scheduled/planned dog walking or pet sitting. In your report card you will get a short video showing what your dog has learned that session and how to keep practicing on your own!


First lesson will be split. 15 minutes of virtual conversation with the trainer, answering questions and setting up a training plan, deposit required for the following in-person session of 45 minutes. All following sessions will be 1 hour.

Basic Dog Training

Tricks, basic manners, etc.

One-Hour Session: $125/hr
Package 5 One-Hour Sessions: $593.75 (5% discount)
Package 10 One-Hour Sessions: $1,125 (10% discount)

Behavior Modification

Crate training, reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, potty training

One-Hour Session: $150/hr
Package 5 One-Hour Sessions: $712.50 (5% discount)
Package 10 One-Hour Sessions: $1,350 (10% discount)

Meet Our Dog Trainer

Tay Beaumont C.C.S. Dog Trainer

Tay Beaumont C.C.S.

Tay has lived up and down the West coast for their entire life. They have grown up with cats, dogs, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Tay went to the University of Washington, the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. Their degree is in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior with a minor in Human Rights. All throughout college people asked Tay “what do you want to do with that degree?” The answer was always “I don’t know, but I want to help people.”

This led to multiple service jobs, until one day the answer came to them in the form of a dear friend who was studying law. The friend talked about the courthouse dogs who were trained to help survivors and children testify. That was the most amazing idea Tay had come across yet. The idea of helping people by working with animals was an absolute dream!

Tay enrolled in the Northwest School of Canine Studies and was certified in Canine Studies. This meant studying the history of dogs and dog training, genetics of dogs, temperament, dog body language and more. Tay has been working with dogs ever since.

Tay specializes in puppies, aggression, separation anxiety, and reactivity, but works every case with passion and compassion. Tay has trained their own dogs to have good manners, as well as worked them through problem areas like separation anxiety, reactivity, resource guarding, car sickness and more; this makes Tay a uniquely qualified trainer in multi-pet households, and homes where big problems lie.

Tay can sympathize deeply with owners who struggle with these problems, because they have been in that situation as well! Tay has also trained their cat and sister’s cats, that’s right, you can train cats! The kitties do fun tricks like finger-targeting and “hugging.” Tay has worked with dozens of dogs across a spectrum of needs for both the animals and their human companions!

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