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JenLovesPets, Rancho Penasquitos’ Premier pet sitters and dog walkers  is  known for putting our client’s furkids best interest and safety first. We have superb customer service, treating each pet lovingly as an individual personality, connecting with each client personally by periodic text updates, daily notes, and social networking. By using Time To Pet clients are able to schedule services with ease via computer or the phone app. It has enabled employees and clients to stay in constant contact via the conversation tab in the portal. We also take advantage of Time To Pet’s GPS monitoring as a back up to prove reliable service. A love for pets of all sizes and types is important just as important as knowledge of pet health, safety, and a passion for quality care. JenLovesPets’ employees take pass ProPetHero’s Pet CPR & First Aid Course and continue learning with FetchFind’s curriculum; the #1 training solution for pet businesses. Each team member goes thru an exhaustive hands on training with the entire JLP team including the owner; Jennifer Taylor a Pet CPR & First Aid Instructor and a Certified Professional Pet Sitter. . Our passion for pets, people, quality care, and quality service is why we were voted as San Diego’s Alist Best four years in a row”

Jennifer with the pack.

Jennifer Taylor: Owner/Founder

Jennifer Taylor managed almost 1 million square feet of commercial biotech properties with the leading REIT company for the life science industry. While climbing the corporate ladder she had to have an emergency surgery, months later was struck with auto immune problems forcing her to go on disability unable to work, barely able to get out of bed much less function.

During the recovery of her surgery Brezzi found Jennifer and her family. Being an avid cat “worshipper” she never thought of having a dog, She loved them, as she loves all animals but was definitely a cat person. Until Brezzi locked eyes with her. Even though she could barely walk due to the surgery, she asked to see this big slightly chaotic chocolate Labrador puppy and as she chewed on Dwayne, her husbands ankles, her fingers, and Dishion her son’s shoes Jennifer felt a connection like never before and was deeply in love. They left that afternoon, and every time she closed her eyes she saw Brezzi’s eyes. The next day the entire family picked up Brezzi, without any knowledge of how ill she’d soon become and how much Brezzi would be a part of Jennifer’s healing journey.

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Jill: Pet Care Professional

Jill and Charlie

ProPetHero Pet CPR & First Aid Trained

Jill is a Massachusetts born and raised 25 year old who came to San Diego this past year to experience the Southern California life. She is thrilled to be living in the beautiful San Diego weather rather than the cold, snowy Massachusetts winters! She lives with her boyfriend and friend in Rancho Penasquitos. She is the ultimate cat lover who has owned cats from her local animal rescue shelter. She loves her brothers adorable husky fur baby named Boris. Jill has experience volunteering at the Worcester animal rescue league in Massachusetts where she happily spent her time socializing, playing, and caring for the cats and dogs there.
Aside from her love for animals, Jill also loves to spend time at her local gym, exploring hiking trails, playing soccer, cooking, going to the beach, going to local wineries, and trying the ultimate foodie restaurants. You most likely can find her hiking during the weekend at one of her favorite spots- iron mountain trail!
Jill graduated with her bachelors degree in psychology from Framingham state university in 2014. She’s spent the past few years working with children and is looking to make a career change. She is extremely excited to start working professionally as a pet sitter and walker for JenLovesPets. She is looking forward to caring for all these adorable pets and to keep learning more about behavioral techniques.

Allison: Pet Care Professional

Allisyn and her furbaby Ellie

ProPetHero Pet CPR & First Aid Trained

Allisyn was born here in San Diego County and grew up in Bonsall, CA. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cal State Fullerton in 2016, and even took a course on the psychology of animal behavior. She now lives in the Carmel Mountain area with her boyfriend and her Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix, Ellie. Aside from being the biggest animal lover, she is also a music lover. Allisyn has played piano for almost 15 years and was heavily involved in her high school choral program. She is also interested in American Sign Language and plans on taking classes to possibly become an interpreter. Working with dogs has been Allisyn’s dream for a long time! She is excited to gain more knowledge of animal behaviors and for all the puppy kisses that come with the job!




Tiana: Pet Care Professional

Tiana and her cat Kai

Tiana Dominguez,  moved from Georgia to beautiful California a few years ago with her husband of 4 years and fur babies. She has 2 dogs, Roxy and Teddy. Along with two cats, Elijah and Kai. She grew up in Illinois, and in her sophomore year of High School she and her family moved down to good ol’ Georgia. She and her husband are high school sweet hearts, married in 2013 and are proud of their hairless and furry family. She’s been working on her core classes in college years now, completing them before deciding what career path she wants to take. She has a love for all animals but especially cats! Tiana’s a very caring and passionate person who can be shy at times, but is coming out of her shell.

ProPetHero Pet CPR & First Aid Trained



Marissa: Pet Care Professional

Marissa and The House Cat


ProPetHero First Aid & CPR Trained

  Marissa grew up most of her life in in Orange County, California before an abrupt move to finish high school in Hawaii. She really enjoyed the beach and island life, but eventually found her way back home to California, finally residing in beautiful San Diego, where she’s been for the past five years. She graduated with her Associate’s degree from Palomar College. She loves to travel and meet new people along the way, she even lived for a short time in San Francisco, where she found her passion to help others. While living there she worked as a dog sitter and nanny. She realized that she wanted to make a difference in people’s health and become a holistic healer. She is currently studying to become a Registered Herbalist. Marissa enjoys the great outdoors doing activities like going to the beach,camping, hiking, and playing volleyball. She loves to cook and try new Vegan restaurants. Marissa is really into music, loves to sing,

and likes to go to shows. She also enjoys a good book  while realizing on the hammock in the garden. She grew up with a Beagle named Mocha and currently lives in a house with three kitties named Chinga, Walter White, and Pumpkin alongside a turtle named Peanut.


Nadia: Pet Care Professional 

JenLovesPets' Nadia and Teresa

ProPetHero Pet CPR & First Aid Trained

Nadia is a born and raised Californian that grew up in sunny San Diego. Briefly, she moved to Mississippi for 3 years with her family, and has since moved back toSan Diego to study. She studies as a full-time student towards a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development, and is set to graduate in 2021. Currently, she lives with her two (very mischievous!) kittens, Teresa and Claire, and is a huge cat lover that tends to care for strays, as well as her own fur babies. She has always loved animals, and has also accumulated experience with many other types of pets over the years, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even snakes!
Aside from her love of animals, Nadia is an avid lover of sports of all kinds and tends to be competitive with them. She has participated in numerous forms of dance, as well as swimming and tennis. Her favorite out of all sports she’s taken is Taekwondo, in which she’s a 2nd Degree Black Belt. Currently, she’s trying her hand at ice skating, and hopes to take up Taekwondo once more, as well as kick boxing. 
Working as a pet sitter has been a long-time aspiration for Nadia, and she’s excited to be working with all these wonderful pets and learn more about them along the way.


Tiffany: Pet Care Professional 

ProPetHero Pet CPR & First Aid Trained

Tiffany has been a SoCal girl all her life, growing up in LA and moving to San Diego for her studies. She graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology, Behavior, Evolution Biology. She has a wide range of love for animals from domestics to exotics. Tiffany is not just a Pet Care Professional, but also an Animal Nutritionist at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!
Tiffany enjoys going to concerts and museums during her free time. She travels to and from LA in order to visit her 3 pups and family back home. AND to get her occasional dose of 626 boba.




Dwayne and Zen

Dwayne and Zen

Dwayne: Co-Owner and Pet Care Professional

Dwayne is Jennifer’s husband and works a lot behind the scenes though he helps with pet sitting and dog walking when the schedule is full. He has a lot of experience with multiple pet households and tends to gain the trust of the more shy pups quickly. Dwayne hopes to one day retire so he can work more full time with JenLovesPets!